Election Fraud in America: the Evidence

Once you open your eyes to the possibility that the systems you trust aren’t as trustable as you were led to believe, you start to see things that you could never before consider possible.

A US Senator suggested I view “SELECTION CODE: The Movie.” It’s excellent. I recommend everyone reading this take an hour to watch it, especially the last 15 minutes. Please promote it on social media after you view the film.

It seems to have escaped notice by all the mainstream media. Are you surprised?

The movie reminded me of the current battle to expose the truth about vaccine fraud. Election fraud is arguably the more important issue, and I hope once the corruption is exposed on the vaccine, it will open people’s minds to the possibility that they’ve been fooled about election security as well. This movie tells a very compelling story.

The hero of this movie is Tina Peters, County Clerk and Recorder in Mesa County, Colorado and an outspoken advocate for free and fair elections.

Here is Tina’s Wikipedia profile. Keep in mind, Wikipedia is heavily biased to make her look bad. Very bad.

Tina is the heroine of the movie and she has a piece of ironclad evidence: disk image dumps of the election machines before and after the manufacturer tampered with it. Anyone who has looked at this evidence is impressed.

What happens is that “they” spin it around and make it look to the public (and law enforcement) like she’s the evildoer. This distracts attention from the disk image evidence.

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