Drone Strike on Kremlin Absolutely Insane

The drone strike on the Kremlin last week was absolutely insane. Russia is blaming the U.S. for being behind the drone strike which Russia claimed was carried out by Ukraine. The United States naturally denied the allegation. Ukraine, although engaged in drone attacks within the Russian border, has also denied any involvement.  Apparently, the type of drone utilized would require lunching from nearby the Kremlin within Russia. Russia claims this was an attempted assassination of Putin.

Western media have asserted that the drone attack was a false flag actually conducted by Russia. Interestingly, any mention of a false flag operation regarding domestic attacks from September 11, 2001 attacks, to school shootings, to the painfully obvious Jan 6 false flag operation, is automatically dismissed as a conspiracy theory. Apparently, the term ‘false flag’ is approved when applied to foreign governments only.

I digress…

former CIA agent Larry Johnson has stated that the U.S. was behind the attack. Johnson claimed a potential motive for attempting to assassinate Putin may have been to get Russia to escalate the conflict drawing the U.S. deeper into the conflict.  Democratic presidential candidate RFK Jr., whose father and uncle are largely believed to have been assassinated by the CIA, denounced the attack as reckless.

This drone attack was beyond reckless, it is absolutely insane. Imagine the response if it was believed that Russia launched a drone attack on the White House in an effort to assassinate the president. Yes, even the fake president. If this was in fact an attack on the Kremlin launched by the West, Putin’s response has been quite disciplined. If this was a false flag by Russia, it is worth pointing out that would be just as insane. Either way it is a dangerous escalation.

The responsible thing to do once this conflict started was to deescalate it. Call Russia a few names and then work out a peace deal, ceding the Russian speaking parts of Ukraine to Russia, and guarantees of no further NATO expansion. Instead, the exact opposite was done.

Unfortunately, World War III may have already begun and we may just see a series of escalatory steps until the point of no return is reached and a nuclear war ensues. Hopefully, we have not already reached the point of no return. Thus far, it seems like we are sleep walking into World War III. There appears a total lack of respect for the potential devastation that would follow if this war continues to escalate.

According to Colonel Douglas Macgregor, there are over 300,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers, not counting civilians. Regarding financial aid, 70 billion of the 118 billion dedicated to the war is lost. Russia is winning the war and will not likely stop until Ukraine is not a threat to Russia in the same way that Mexico is not perceived as a military threat to the United States. Ukraine has essentially been destroyed in an unnecessary proxy war that was doomed to failure just as Russia fighting the United States via a proxy war with Mexico would fail.

I am speaking of a military confrontation. The unfettered illegal immigration is a very successful proxy war against the United States waged by globalists within and without the United States. The deep state is a greater enemy than any foreign government.

Recently Dr. Ron Paul highlighted a string of NATO failures and summed up the events leading to the conflict in Ukraine:

After a series of failures longer than we have space for here, DC-controlled NATO in 2014 decided to go all-in and target Russia itself for “regime change.” First step was overthrowing the democratically elected Ukrainian government, which Victoria Nuland and the rest of the neocons took care of. Next was the eight years of massive NATO military assistance to Ukraine’s coup government with the intent of fighting Russia. Finally, it was the 2022 rejection of Russia’s request to negotiate a European security agreement that would prevent NATO armies circling its border

The sooner the recognition that Russia has won the war the better the chances that it will not escalate any further. Sometimes when you have a losing hand, you just need to fold. Now is not the time to bluff, or even worse, double bluff….

What’s next? Fighting China to the last Taiwanese soldier?

Provocations with China are extremely concerning because the West’s attitude toward Russia, the country with the world’ largest nuclear stock pile, has been completely reckless. This would only cause China to be more reactionary to any provocations.

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