Driving in America

A few weeks ago, I took a drive through the Shenandoah Valley, getting my quarterly ration of NPR.

National Public Radio provides a barometer of left centralist FEDTHINK, and other puzzles.

NPR is helpfully offgassing several distinct political themes, given the rout coming in November, and the trials and Article 25 actions coming in 2023.

Being busy in the garden, caring for my hoard of canning jars, seeds and compost, and writing angry letters to the editor regarding the local county tax hikes – I didn’t write down my thoughts last week.  Government spending and revenue is up over 20% in our rural geriatric county, due to inflationary assessments of cars, truck and real estate.  One supervisor defended it saying to a fellow farmer, “You can get a lot of money for your farm!”  You can own nothing and be happy!  Local electeds claim they made cuts in spending – they are lying (of course) but in terms of the real measure of inflation, strangely they are also agreeing 100% with Peter Schiff and critiquing MMT.

But I learned many entertaining things from NPR on my drive.  We have the USG-caused and -treated infant formula shortages – another self-licking ice cream cone – with the added benefit of raising suburban fears in time for November.  Helpfully hidden is the fact that most baby formula is purchased and heavily regulated using tax dollars through WIC, even as the birth rate in the US has been dropping for years, especially among teens. Also hidden is the positive trends in breastfeeding – comparing the 2007 CDC report with the 2020 CDC report we see the trend towards breastfeeding is steadily increasing – with 2007 exclusive breastfeeding at 6 months (the most stringent of several data points) at 11.3%, and 2020 reporting this category at nearly 26%.  Add to this the outstanding growth and projected growth in the breast pump market, and you have a situation that Mises explained and one that, as always, individuals and families acting as best they can in their best interest will, and must, resolve.

But, Karen, we need government intervention!  Babies are dying!  Hold that thought, because NPR also had a helpful report on that.

The outrage of the leaking of a draft opinion on the ending of the Roe decision was and remains in the news. NPR was intently discussing this issue, as one of women’s rights (curiously not men’s rights, which I found highly offensive as this same outlet has informed me that men can be pregnant, and naturally, may have an unwanted pregnancy that they may – knowing what I know about most men and pregnancy – have a strong desire to terminate.)  But the war is really against testosterone, not men or women – as we see with complaints from the L part of the LGTBQ arena complaining that the T side is impacting their numbers.  Throughout the discussions and fervent interviews demanding baby death on demand, damning the fascist court for depriving women of “health care,” chanting “My Body, My Choice” and voicing a laudable opposition to slavery – I was moved, seriously.  They almost had me.

This was immediately following by different report, including a Jen Psaki clip talking about the baby formula shortage.  When asked about why the FDA had to shut down Abbott formula lines, she frustratedly shouted, “Babies were dying!”

Because it was radio, it was hard to see their faces, but I wondered if they had the same expression that I had, at this remarkable juxtaposition of positions.

But there is more.  My drive up and down the Valley coincided with the Buffalo, NY shooting, from breaking news to the Mayor of Buffalo calling for gun control, within the span of an hour.  The amazing level of physical preparation for this particular race-based massacre and the immediate discovery of online manifesto written by an 18 year old who considers himself to be “authoritarian left-wing” had me thinking about other domestic terrorist plots over the decades that have had a mild stench of CIA or FBI collusion.  I mean, was there a lady in a polka dot dress?  As a part-time community college instructor, I find it unusual for a publicly schooled 18 year old to be able to write 180 pages on politics, economics and culture or anything else on his own.

Biden crossed himself in Buffalo, and the story seemed to evaporate.  But just this week, the shooting murders of most of a 4th grade class in a public school, by a person both disturbed and criminal, raises the gun control mantra again.  Will this pattern continue on through to November? There is no doubt we are witnessing a full on left-authoritarian rush for ending the 2nd Amendment before the illiberals lose their House majority.

Karen, you are so awful!  OK, I agree, so let’s move on…to Ukraine.

The left authoritarians, arm in arm with the right authoritarians, and their sponsoring and sponsored MICIMATT, created $40 Billion in new arms assistance to Ukraine, on top of the $20 Billion already “delivered” – minus various ten percents to the various big guys.  NPR enthusiastically supported this a few weeks ago, as it does today.

NPR cheers US Government efforts, despite its being on shaky financial and economic ground, to pour gas on the Ukraine dumpster fire in a stated USG aim to weaken and impoverish Russia.  Bookending that, Biden’s controllers walked Biden over to Asia to threaten China with war over Taiwan, and to threaten China again the next day with nuclear war over North Korea.

Oooh that’s scary!  It really is – the US tiger has awakened from a dream, and discovered it’s nothing more than a trapped, wet and frightened tabbycat, biting the hand that feeds it in blind panic.

But instead of being smart about our truly frightful American situation – we have the US military embracing and funding all kinds of “rights” for its soldiers, including this latest privilege of getting one’s assignment changed it if offends them.  I certainly cheer this new accommodation – extending 14th Amendment federal protections like this is one more way of ensuring our soldiers are not forced to deploy and fight unjust and unconstitutional wars at home or abroad.

I haven’t mentioned COVID – clearly the federal ad money is not completely spent yet, so NPR continues to push the narrative – even as they know that no one believes it.  Again, it’s so hard to see their faces on radio, surely there is at least one raised eyebrow?

We live in confusing times – even though the facts are clearer than ever.  Now for a puzzle!  Think of a three word name of a film or series based on a 1989 book written by British member of parliament.  Think about the definition of that phrase, and don’t remove any letters or rearrange them.  It’s not “A Perfect Storm” or “K19: The Widowmaker” or “The Towering Inferno” or even “Don’t Look Up” or “The Hunger Games,” even though those are excellent guesses.  Hint:  It’s also not “The Big Short.”

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