Dr. Peter McCullough Just Struck Back

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Virtually anyone who’s followed the Covid fiasco knows the name Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly renowned cardiologist who’s among the most widely published medical researchers in the world.

I reported a couple of weeks ago that the crazies are trying to strip him of his board certifications because of his warnings about heart problems connected to the Covid shots.

Since that time there’s been some good and unexpected news: Dr. McCullough is chief scientific officer of a brand new health care company called The Wellness Company, where you can get telehealth services from doctors who aren’t Big Pharma zombies.

I discussed it with him a few days ago on the Tom Woods Show, and it makes for hopeful Sunday listening:


And today is the last day of the Veterans Day weekend sale held by the folks at the Tuttle Twins children’s book series, which teaches the principles of liberty to young people. They’re offering a large discount on their multi-book bundles, so check out this excellent way to keep the bad guys from colonizing your children’s minds:


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