Do You Want to Matter More in This Fight?

These are some things I often hear:

“Nothing is working.”

That is simply not true.

“We are totally losing.”

That is another misnomer.

“All the news is so depressing.”

Well, if you surround yourself with depressing news sources, that play on your emotion to garner clicks, then yes, of course all the news is depressing.

I spend a big part of my time driving up and down lockdown land, helping small groups of activists advance their efforts. I know some things are working because I see them first hand.

In the model of a despicable, yet successful, south side of Chicago community organizer from just one state senate district north of where I grew up — Barack Obama — I too am a community organizer. That means two things: I play smash-mouth and I do things that work.

His methods work, his values suck.

I have seen the ugliest of political battles and have gotten involved in a few every year for many years. That has been an important part of my life ever since I was first taken campaigning at the age of seven in the rough and tumble political environment I grew up in.

Some people have no taste for playing smash-mouth politics. They are not the right people for me. When a horde is descending upon everything you hold dear, you had better figure out how to fight back with everything you have. That’s sort of the Chicago Way.

You can imagine that I am open to protecting my values by playing smash-mouth.

That leaves plenty of libertarians and conservatives butt-hurt that I would dare be so unsavory.

Truthfully, playing smash-mouth is merely leveling the playing field. It is hardly fighting back with everything you can.

In the period we are in, we are transitioning out of corona communism and into “the new normal.”

We have a chance right now for accountability, or we have a chance right now to acquiesce. Accountability is one way to leverage the moment and to help save the day. It will not always be an opportunity open to us, but right now it is, and it can be such an effective tool. This moment needs you to demand accountability in the world around you, and for those who need a little extra help, I am going to make myself available.

I am launching a project, working name: Project Accountability. It will only be open to paying members.

In bite-sized pieces, I will break down what other successful activists are doing to make accountability possible in the world around them and to help you do the same.

I have been laying the groundwork for this over the last six months as I have probed government records in specific counties to see how lax local officials were with the law. Often they were very lax and left a clear paper trail of their crimes.

As much as I love the principles within the Constitution, every time someone brings up the topic of the Constitution as a way to “get even,” I sigh in mild annoyance. We’ve turned the thing into a mere piece of paper by not fighting the concrete fights for accountability that I’m talking about. And that fight is not for everyone, but it is for some people — the people who will do the things that work in their local community.

Those are the people who will be remembered by those around them as heroes of this era. They weren’t just talk, they did the hard work that forced no other option from government to be possible.

It is not frou-frou, pie in the sky ideas such as the Nuremberg Laws or the Constitution that I’m saying have been broken. When I talk about accountability, I am talking about state criminal laws that were broken.

When that is the territory you are dealing with — state criminal laws, suddenly you are far more concrete and local than any other legal battle. It is a battle for accountability that I believe you can concretely, single-handedly be victorious in.

I respect the common law folks, but this is not that. I respect the affidavit folks, but this is not that. I respect those who lobby, but this is not that. I respect the militia and the secessionists, but this is not that. I respect the Second Amendment folks, but this is not that. I love a lot about the Constitution, but I am not going to mention much about it through any of this. Again, because of people refusing to do basic work like this, we really have turned the Constitution into a piece of paper. If we do our work right, we can make that piece of paper back into the meaningful document it once was.

I have identified the laws that were broken.

I have interviewed prosecutors and law enforcement as well.

And have spoken to plenty of journalists.

At this point, I am convinced that in any county in which we scratch the surface, we will find a plethora of criminal laws broken.

If this is of interest to you, then I am offering my email newsletter subscribers a very special one-time offer. Join my newsletter now to be included in that offer. (

At 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, Tuesday, this offer will close.

If you want to matter more in this fight we are in, do the things that work. That means focusing as close to home as possible, spending as little time on depressing stories as possible. Be entrepreneurial in your approach to life — there are many problems that need solving and simply need a go-getter to step up and do that. Be staunch in your values — by identifying your boundaries, communicating your boundaries, and defending your boundaries.

As you encounter people doing the same or even just thinking the same, get their contact info — do not let them out of your sight without getting their phone number — stay in touch, meet regularly, grow into friends. One or two people at a time, you will rebuild the community of decent people around you. Done diligently, it may even be one or two hundred before you know it. All the rest of the people matter little — it is your remnant that matters. As you do this, you will combat the pressure modernity places on you to dissolve that community of like-minded people. You will be rebuilding the future of this country and the future of humanity by rebuilding the world immediately around you.

In that process, if you want a helping hand, I am your man, and I am rebuilding the world around me, but I am not going to forget about 2020 until there has been accountability, because I recognize that in that immediate past there is such a powerful opportunity to leverage into a vastly more free future. You do not need me to make that happen in your life, but I am a fantastic ally to have walking through that process alongside of you. If you want to join me, you know how.

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