‘Died Suddenly’ Is Being Caused by the Covid Vaccines

Executive summary

I compiled detailed information on over 500 deaths that happened in 2021 and later. The source was family members or people who had detailed knowledge of the person who died (including things like date of last vaccination, number of vaccinations, cause of death, etc).

Each person was asked to assess whether they judged the death to be “in line with expectations” or not.

While this is “technically” a subjective criteria, it is relatively infrequent that people have difficulty in making this assessment accurately. And over large numbers, the imperfections of any single human judgment are drowned out in the wisdom of the crowd.

The result of the analysis is highly statistically significant: the COVID vaccines are causing these events. Odds ratio= 2.22. One-sided p-value 0.005.

The numbers were consistent for people with doses 1,2,3,4 and more vs. the unvaccinated.

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The source data

Here’s the pivot table from Airtable:

I’ll release the full dataset publicly soon.

The calculation

The odds are defined as expected:unexpected.

Fisher matrix values were extracted from the table: 22 49 73 362 which total 506 deaths

One-sided p-value 0.005
Odds ratio= 2.22
95% Confidence Interval (low=1.2, high=4.0)

The “correlation isn’t causation” gaslighting method exposed

There are some famous examples where correlation isn’t causation. But those are really rare. Occam’s razor usually applies in real life.

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There is simply no possible alternative mechanism.

The cause has to be something injected to impact mortality in this way.

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