Did the Shot Kill Ivana?

The greatest President of my lifetime is Donald Trump. From a selfish perspective, he is the first president to have had direct, concrete impacts on my life.

He beat back the thought-deadening creep of political correctness, expanding the window of permissible speech and expanding the window of free thought.
He lifted the censorship pressure on me as a writer, accomplished merely by him speaking and Tweeting about controversial topics outside of the limit of acceptable debate.
He practically taught a nation how to show courage again.
His campaign gave rise to a subculture of artists through the pop cultural use of memes that provided a renaissance of art and thought in America, leaving some conservative grandmothers more socially edgy, radical, and verboten than some of the most self-perceived “innovative” young leftists.
He ended Project Chokepoint which had so impacted my life and the lives of those around me.
He removed red tape that allowed the United States to become energy independent and an exporter.
He crossed the DMZ.
He assassinated a bad guy, carried a big stick, and didn’t start another war.
Without going into specifics, even my marriage and my daughter’s birth were beneficially impacted by the Trump presidency.
I do not speak lightly when I say that Trump’s presidency has had tangible effects on my life.
It represented a change of pace in America and in my life. And it may have been enough if he never even won. Even his candidacy had so big of an impact, that by November 2016, I might have been able to have called him the most significant presidential candidate of my lifetime.

One Of The Worst American Presidents Followed Trump’s First Three Years

And if I focus on key issues such as the state of personal freedom from March 2020 onward, the state of the economy, and the implementation of communism in America, Donald Trump is unquestionably the worst President of my lifetime.

He has even Jimmy Carter beat on that front.

I suppose no President has been party to an economic catastrophe the likes of what took place in the United States from the Ides of March 2020 to Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021.

Donald Trump oversaw the shutdown of what may have actually been the greatest economy that the United States has ever seen. He got convinced or perhaps freely chose to oversee that.

The awful and illegitimate Biden administration inherited things that were trending poorly and made them worse. It was Trump, however, that oversaw that turnaround.

The swamp played President Trump like I have never seen anyone played. It became so bad that defense attaches proudly announced to the Washington Post that they had committed treason by lying to him and knew they could do so with impunity. They did this to a sitting President. They admitted they lied to him to make his foreign troop withdrawals harder. The Washington Post published it. The administrative deep state truly played this man and knew there was little to be done about it.

The original sin of the Trump presidency was the vile people he put in power, perhaps in an effort to precariously allow himself room to operate in DC. And this came to haunt him in so many ways in his presidency, and these next two details are perhaps the most telling:

He allowed an election to be stolen. An incumbent was removed from office by a stolen election. That was how little support his presidency had from any of the structures he had spent four years overseeing.

He was removed from the CIA’s platform of choice — Twitter. A sitting US President was deplatformed.

The Nature of High Stakes Games 

This is the nature of a high stakes game. The biggest winner and the biggest loser becomes the same person. Time will tell if President Trump is a net winner or a net loser.

The Supreme Court he left in place does not hurt history’s view of him. The single accomplishment of overturning Roe v. Wade is so monumental and is a key accomplishment of his presidency.

The fact that so many Americans retain hope for what could come is so powerful an indication of the benefit of a Trump presidency, as well — he woke people back up, inspired them to dream, and invigorated them to act.

This cultural change is hard to overstate.

The Story Turns Toward Central Europe 

For nearly 20 years of my life, I have been a student of Central European language and culture. From the homemade foods that are a normal part of my kitchen, to the love for teaching the languages of the region, I have such an appreciation for that place.

It is where Ludwig von Mises grew into a titan of economic thought, where the term “dollar” was coined after one of the great hard metal mines of the world, and where cultures collide in a melding that has formed some of the great philosophies of our day.

From that culture, Donald Trump has chosen two of his three brides: First Lady Melania Trump and the recently deceased Ivana Trump.

The Poetic Historical Arc That Ivana Trump Was Born Into 

Ivana was born in Zlin (pronounced ZLEEN), the town of the great industrialist family Tomas Bat’a (pronounced BAH-TEE-UH), who put Czechoslovakia on the map with his masterfully designed, high quality shoes, as well as the affordably produced shoes that give that family credit for being a shoemaker to the world. A book can here be dedicated to the many innovations of that cobbler’s family that used the town of Zlin as a starting point for a global shoe empire with massive industrial holdings in dozens of other industries. Into that town was Ivana Trump born.

She was born in a most notable year: 1949.

In that year, to show who was boss, the communists changed the name of the town to the awful “Gottwaldov,” named for the first communist dictator of Czechoslovakia, Klement Gottwald, the figurehead who helped oversee the 1948 communist coup d’etat of Czechoslovakia backed by the USSR. This is not dissimilar to the 2020 coup d’etat of the United States backed by pernicious foreign and domestic interests. While such honors are typically reserved for the deceased, this renaming of her birth town was done in 1949 while Gottwald was still alive, and just 53 years old.

The industrialist family so seamlessly melded profit with employee and customer wellbeing into an entity that was as comfortable discussing innovations around the welfare of workers as it was discussing innovations to the production process. Against the stark backdrop of the toxic communist takeover in the name of just social change, any clear thinking inhabitant of that town was left in a state of total shock, for nowhere was that difference more apparent than in the town of Zlin. The communists brought untold destruction; the capitalists before them had brought such massive prosperity.

The symbolism of this is hard to overstate. The pre-eminent example of late 19th century and early 20th century Czechoslovak entrepreneurship was replaced symbolically, and in reality, with the most over-the-top mimicry of the harshest Stalinism under the lead of Gottwald — a cruel, second-rate operator, a drunkard, and a Moscow-toady.

That was the town that the woman who helped build the Trump empire was born into.

Thursday, July 14, 2022 

On Thursday, when I received word of Ivana Trump’s death, I realized something: Donald Trump’s vaccine got loose and killed his friend and ex-wife.

As I write this, I have little idea what precisely caused Ivana’s demise, though ABC News provided the following report.

“Manhattan paramedics, responding to a call for cardiac arrest, found a 73-year-old woman in the Upper East Side apartment where Ivana Trump lived just after 12:30 p.m. Thursday, according to the FDNY. She was pronounced dead at the scene, the NYPD said.

“Ivana Trump was found unconscious and unresponsive at the bottom of a set of stairs in her apartment, according to police sources. The police are investigating whether she fell and, if so, whether the fall contributed in any way to her death, the sources said. A medical examiner will determine her cause of death, police said.”

Even without this report, there are a few things anyone paying attention can gather that provide plenty of information on how to proceed forward.

A Few Things I Know & That You Do Too 

I know this: She took the shot.

I know this: the shot affects the entire body, with special focus on the heart, circulation, and blood. It impacts reproduction. It harms immunity. It invites stroke. It regenerates cancer long believed to be gone and inspires new cancer never known of. Can I prove any of that conclusively? Give me ten years, then ask me that question again.

In the meantime, I have this much: 1.) a monster is running amok, 2.) it is killing people, 3.) the watchmen of society will punish you if you speak truth 1 or truth 2.

What is one to do?

Speak the truth.

Why I Love Project Warp Speed & Why Everyone Should 

Operation Warp Speed shows what is possible if the FDA is pushed out of the way — an innovative drug can come to market in months. That is amazing. Donald Trump should forever receive libertarian praise for his work on Project Warp Speed.

However, it did not stop there.

But That Is Not Where Warp Speed Stopped 

I never heard these words from Trump “This is an experiment, a very dangerous experiment, take it at your own risk.”

Instead, he became a drug company pitch man. And I fear that if Fauci deserves the electric chair for the role he played in this all, that such credit may be due Trump as well.

His administration made the drug available through government channels. It used the full force of government to make it available, and even debated using the military for this purpose. It provided funding.

Trump fell for one of the great lies of government — that which is not banned must be good; that which is banned must be bad. Had he moved government out of the way and remained neutral on the rest of this topic, all would be well with him.

Trump has failed America bigly, however, not by allowing the vaccine to be developed, but by promoting it.

And he promoted it with the imprimatur that it was safe because it had gone through the system, that it had been tested.

Normally, a system of private watchdogs would step in to take the place of the FDA and provide consumers with useful data to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the therapy in question. Trump moved the highly flawed, safety system out of the way and oversaw what was a near total silencing of free market and private watchdogs, while pro-vaccine, administration mouthpieces became the trusted voices, while also extending untold legal liability shields, and implementing the biggest drug rollout in history.

Merely stepping out of the way and showing the world that medicine could be done without an FDA, would have been so brilliant of President Trump. But he did not merely step out of the way.

How To Limit Harm, Even At This Late Stage 

Only one thing can save President Trump’s daily growth in culpability: an admission of guilt and a public apology for ever claiming the vaccine safe and effective.

That can accompany all manner of excuses. He was lied to. He didn’t major in biology. He isn’t the stable genius he presented himself as. It was a miscalculated 4d chess move.

Whatever the excuse, now is the time for him to still be able to wash his hands of this. He did good moving the FDA aside. He did bad claiming to the world that the vaccine was safe or effective.

Instead of him putting distance between him and this evil shot, 2024 is shaping up to be the race of one group of mass murderers against another.

President Trump Does The Exact Opposite

As recently as July 9, 2022, President Trump had this to say on the topic: “But we did so much in terms of therapeutics and a word that I’m not allowed to mention. But I’m still proud of that word. We did that in nine months, and it was supposed to take five years to 12 years. But I’m not mentioning it in front of my people.”

His handlers have clearly asked him to stop saying the word “vaccine,” and that message appears to have finally gotten through to “The Donald,” a nickname Ivana Trump is said to have given him. He is right. He did good. But again, it did not stop there.

What About The Responsibility Of The Individual Who Chose The Shot? 

“No one forced them to take the shot,” you may say. That is true. No one forced them to volunteer for the Phase III trial of the vaccine on the general population. That is true.

But for a few moments, I am focusing on the culpability of Trump. And that culpability is grave. He used the goodwill he accumulated to pave the path for great societal ill in a way that perhaps no other human walking the earth could have, and his continued public support of the vaccine plays that role even today.

So many of my essays ask you, dear reader, to focus on the role you play in life, rather than focusing on some far off, unknowable, hardly impact-able, illusory person. Let us not forget that turning the mirror on ourselves as individuals, while uncomfortable, is so incredibly empowering, especially when done soberly.

Dr. Frankenstein is President Trump 

As legend has it, Mary Shelley had a story-telling contest with Lord Byron and Percy Shelley that gave birth to the tale of Victor Frankenstein.

Frankenstein, though from Naples in the story, is a distinctively Central European name.

He throws himself into his work after his mother dies from scarlet fever. His experiments prove that the impossible can be done — that life can be reanimated in a dead person.

Upon bringing a body back to life, the rest of the story involves Frankenstein being plagued by the monstrous, re-animated corpse. His life is picked apart until it is left in utter shambles.

Trump sought to do what was seen impossible, and with a messianic vigor sought to use technology to protect his people. The promise of the technology was illusory.

Trump would, likely, not have been allowed by the Secret Service to take the shot while in office, for doing so would fall afoul of their chief mandate. However, there are many millions who used this technology out of trust that Trump could deliver them from the ravages of the disease. Ivana Trump is among a long line of people who trusted Trump’s faith in this chimerical technology and were harmed as a result.

The Behavior That Made The Frankenstein Story Possible 

So many behaviors made the Frankenstein story possible and there are many comparisons to the present day: toying with nature, hubris, the limits of technology, the limits of man. It is an illuminating tale with much to offer about our present-day. However, any one of those concepts can be removed and the story still holds. There is one concept that, if removed, would dismantle the story from the very start:

Victor Frankenstein ran from what he did, rather than confront what he did and take responsibility. 

The Frankenstein story was able to take place solely because the doctor was unwilling to take responsibility for his behavior. Simply confronting the problem would have eliminated the problem. Every step of the story shows a man unwilling to take responsibility.

Seldom does Trump appear unwilling to take responsibility where due, whether that responsibility be good or bad. If Trump would apply that principle here, this monster could no longer chase him as it does. If he could apply this principle here, he could say to the society around him, “Help me stop the ravages of this monster I helped make.”

Instead, good people are dying at the hands of this monster.

In my own life, I have had a recent painful example of loves ones turning to Trump as third party verification of the good of the vaccine. I recognize the reach of President Trump to influence people.

Is This Not Just Another Struggle Session I Propose? 

I am often in awe of Trump’s unrepentant attitude. In this era of communist-dominated and communist-influenced power structures, the struggle session is the law of the land.

Bend the knee to the powers that be and yes, you will be savaged, but the struggle will soon be over, and you may one day be allowed to be rehabilitated. Do not bend the knee, and you will be hounded.

The surest solution is to outlast them in unrepentant splendor — unless you have legitimately done wrong. Trump has blood on his hands for supporting this shot, and the sooner Trump comes clean on that detail, the more life can be saved.

With each shot, each booster, patient outcomes become worse.

I do not write as a communist seeking to defeat the man in a struggle session. I write as a sober supporter and sober critic recognizing that it is time for all who see the evil of the shot, the mask, the health mandates to speak up.

Truthfully identifying the monster, truthfully calling out the monster, truthfully speaking about the ill in our midst is the surest way to command authority over that ill.

Frankenstein’s monster will not relent until it has died or until its creator has died. And while that creator is Trump, it goes far beyond Trump. Yes, President Trump is the chief architect and chief negotiator of Project Warp Speed, but it is a matter of societal decay that such an effort has had the reach it has.

In our own lives, we are responsible for calling out that decay. We are responsible for speaking the hard truths that we see. The more uncomfortable those truths are to speak, the more likely they are to need speaking.

What has already happened, has happened. But today is a new day. Let us not allow for even a single additional death in this horribly failed experiment. Let us each come to terms with the role we have played — whether that be silent or active, and let us each commit to not let another death sit on our heads again.


The health mandates are unsafe and they are ineffective. The Converts is a group for those who recognize the evil of the health mandates and who refuse to ever again bend the knee to such evil. If that describes you, tap here to learn more about how to join The Converts. (https://realstevo.com/convertslrc)

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