Demand for ‘Commonsense Gun Laws’ Is the Road to Citizen Disarmament

U.S.A. – “Polls show that a majority of Americans want Congress to pass commonsense gun laws,” Dave Saldana asserts for Reader’s Digest in an opinionated hit piece on the right to keep and bear arms posted (under “news,” naturally) on MSN. “These laws would not ban gun ownership or repeal the Second Amendment.”

Reader’s Digest…how disappointing. I guess with all the other woke “capitalist rope-sellers,” seeing them turn was to be expected.

Who Saldana is and what qualifies him as an authority is unclear. What is clear is he‘s a lefty propagandist who cherry-picks what we’re to assume are “facts” from sources with demonstrable anti-gun agendas. And his arguments fall on their faces right out of the starting gate.

What the “majority of Americans want” depends not only on where the polls lead them with calculated questions but also on what they actually know about the “laws” they are being queried on, which in this case, is mostly what the media tells them. That, and rights aren’t contingent on majority rule—otherwise, two of us could do whatever we wanted to one of you.

Funny how when you test them on it, protecting minorities isn’t really what the left wants to do at all. Unless by “minority,” you mean the global elites…

As for the assurance that 2A and guns are safe if you give the grabbers what they want, the rest of Saldana’s regurgitation of tired talking points and goals they’ve let slip for decades show that to be a lie. And since the right it recognizes was not created by the government, something that has been recognized in the Cruikshank and Heller cases by the Supreme Court, repealing the Second Amendment would not eliminate what it was worded to protect, the ravings of retired dotard “justices” notwithstanding.

In any case, saying they won’t take all guns when they have no legitimate authority to take any is more than a bit like saying “We don’t want to rape you, just molest you a bit.”

The only rational response to that is “No. Your move.” Besides, they really do want to rape you.

Let’s look at what this Saldana character is telling anyone ignorant enough to support their own disarmament by a violence monopoly equates with “commonsense”:

Tell citizens old enough to marry, vote, form contracts, and serve in the military and statutory militia they can’t have guns.
Ban standard capacity magazines.
Make gun trafficking even more illegal.
Outlaw home builds.
Criminalize not locking up your safety.
Ban semiautomatics.
End private sales by imposing registration-precursor “background checks.”
Impose ammo limits.
Deny due process through guilty-until-proven-innocent “red flag laws.”
Abridge the First Amendment — for the children.
Impose prior restraint “training” and require poll tax-like “insurance” before being allowed to exercise your right.

I decided against fleshing all those bullet points out because we at AmmoLand have been over all of them ad nauseam. There’s probably nothing I could add that regular readers here couldn’t knowledgeably expand on.

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