Del Bigtree Fights for Freedom

Del Bigtree, a famous television producer, is one of the greatest crusaders for medical freedom in the world today. Dr. Ron Paul is a big fan. Del become famous for his appearances on the Dr.Phil program and was often a popular guest on TV programs. He is still much in demand as a speaker, but he when he started to speak about Covid vaccination tyranny, the Left-dominated mass media turned against him. It became even worse when he extended his campaign to other vaccines as well. Here is an example of what he, and we, are up against. If you Google his name, you will get five pages of negative material about him. If you want something positive, you will have to google “ICAN Foundation” and then you will get his own site. You will get a lot of negative sites as well. This is Left media “fairness” in action. There are things Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know.

The ICAN site describes its mission and programs this way: “At the Informed Consent Action Network we’re dedicated to investigating our food, our air, our water, our drugs and our vaccines, with the mission of identifying and stopping the spread of man-made disease.

Continuing our educational outreach to the public, ICAN has established what is now its largest educational program, The HighWire with Del Bigtree.

Utilizing a media team touting over 40 years of experience in TV production and investigative journalism, ICAN has launched a global, no holds barred effort to put the power of information, the truth about man-made disease, in your hands.

In the courtroom, ICAN is forging a bold new path to unprecedented success, with legal wins against the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

We are cultivating a global collaboration of the world’s preeminent biologists, chemists, immunologists and epidemiologists to forge a new future of health policy driven by scientific evidence, rather than industry influence.

In collaboration with these scientific minds, ICAN has conducted the most thorough investigation into vaccine safety in history.
From the published debate between ICAN and Health and Human Services, to our whitepapers, ICAN is putting the work of the world’s leading public health authorities in your hands, free of charge.”

ICAN has a statement of principle we can all identify with: “At the Informed Consent Action Network, you are the authority over your health choices and those of your children. In a medical world manipulated by advertising and financial interests, true information is hard to find and often harder to understand. Our goal is to put the power of scientifically researched health information in your hands and to be bold and transparent in doing so, thereby enabling your medical decisions to come from tangible understanding, not medical coercion.”

Let’s look at some of the things Del Bigtree and ICAN have done.

“The CDC created v-safe, a smartphone-based program, to collect health assessments after Covid-19 vaccination.  Approximately 10 million people signed-up and submitted health reports after Covid-19 vaccination.

ICAN’s legal team sued the CDC twice leading to a court order requiring release of the data.  ICAN has taken the CDC’s official raw data and created a dashboard interface which allows users to graphically view the 144+ million health entries obtained by ICAN.”

One of the most shocking disclosures about the Covid vaccines is that research on them uses aborted fetal tissue. ICAN has been on top of this: “ICAN wrote to Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services to request, as required by law, a copy of the documents by which COVID-19 vaccine recipients are being provided information regarding the use of fetal tissue or cells in developing these vaccines. 

A newly enacted Michigan law requires that: ‘A recipient of a COVID-19 vaccine … shall be provided with information or informed if and in what manner the development of the vaccine utilized aborted fetal tissue or human embryonic stem cell derivation lines.’   ICAN sent a letter to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services on May 4, 2021 seeking a copy of the document(s) by which COVID-19 vaccine recipients are being provided this information.

The development of each of the three current COVID-19 vaccines currently in use involved aborted fetal tissue or human embryonic stem cell derivation lines:

Johnson & Johnson/Janssen:  Fetal cell cultures are used to produce and manufacture the J&J COVID-19 vaccine and the final formulation of this vaccine includes residual amounts of the fetal host cell proteins (≤0.15 mcg) and/or host cell DNA (≤3 ng).

Pfizer/BioNTech:  The HEK-293 abortion-related cell line was used in research related to the development of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Moderna/NIAID: Aborted fetal cell lines were used in both the development and testing of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.”

ICAN has also done outstanding work exposing the dangers of other vaccines. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) childhood vaccine schedule recommends universal vaccination of all infants with a Hepatitis B vaccine at birth, 1-month of age, and 6-months of age.  There are only two Hepatitis B vaccines licensed for administration to newborns: Engerix-B and Recombivax HB.

A supporter of ICAN told us in 2017 that the clinical trials the FDA relied upon to license these vaccines only reviewed safety for a few days after injection.  ICAN found this claim incredible.  It assumed the claim was likely false.  It seemed improbable because Congress mandated that the FDA only license drugs which have been proven to be ‘safe and effective’ in a clinical trial, and five days of post-injection safety data would be patently insufficient to demonstrate safety.  This is why drugs, such as EnbrelLipitorBelviq, and Botox, typically given to adults, had safety review periods of 6.6 years, 4.8 years, 2 years, and 51 weeks respectively, and each was tested against a placebo control group.  The FDA even states that the clinical trial relied upon for licensure is typically ‘1 to 4 years’ in duration.

If anything, the safety review period in a clinical trial for a vaccine given to babies and toddlers should be longer since autoimmune, neurological, and developmental disorders will often not be diagnosed until after babies are at least a few years old.  Indeed, a 2019 review of 306 pediatric studies, authored by researchers at the FDA and Duke University, explained that, compared to licensing a drug for adults, ‘data on drug efficacy and safety in children may require an additional 6 years.’

Putting this all together, it seemed like science fiction to claim the Hepatitis B vaccines were licensed by the FDA based on only a few days of post-injection safety data.  That was, until ICAN reviewed the package insert for Engerix-B issued by its manufacturer, GSK, and approved by the FDA.  To ICAN’s amazement, the package insert states that safety in these clinical trials was only reviewed for a few days post-injection into babies.

Therefore, on October 12, 2017, ICAN sent a letter to HHS demanding that it ‘list and provide the safety data relied upon when recommending babies receive the Hepatitis B vaccine on the first day of life.’  On January 18, 2018, HHS (in a response reviewed and approved by the FDA) responded by letter in which it failed to provide any clinical trial supporting the safety of either Hepatitis B vaccine that reviewed safety for more than a week post-injection.

After careful review of every single study HHS cited, ICAN responded on December 31, 2018 in a letter which pummeled HHS for failing to provide a single clinical trial reviewing safety of the Hepatitis B vaccines for more than a week post-injection to babies.  ICAN even provided HHS and the FDA another opportunity to provide any such data, including sending a follow-up letter repeating this demand on March 12, 2020.  HHS and FDA still have not provided any such data.

ICAN’s legal team made a similar request to the FDA for Engerix-B in June 2019 but this time only requested clinical trials that reviewed safety for more than a week post-injection.  ICAN wanted to review and share with the public these clinical trial reports and safety data relied upon when the FDA licensed this vaccine.

The FDA refused to respond to this request and ICAN’s legal team filed a federal lawsuit on January 24, 2020 against the FDA demanding it respond to this request.  The FDA answered but did not produce any documents.  Both parties moved for summary judgment.  The FDA’s overriding argument is that it does not understand what a ‘safety review period’ is and therefore, it could not possibly produce responsive documents.  ICAN argued to the Court that, ‘surely, the FDA knows how long safety was reviewed in the clinical trials on which it relied. The FDA’s claim that it requires “clairvoyant capabilities” to determine how long safety was reviewed simply cannot be true.’  We await a decision from the Court.”

Here is another example of ICAN’s great work: “Merck manufactures the first and only chicken pox vaccine (VARIVAX) sold in the United States.  VARIVAX is produced by growing chicken pox virus on the cell strain from aborted fetal tissue and was licensed by the FDA in 1995 for people aged 12 months and older.

Prior to FDA licensure of a new experimental vaccines, such as VARIVAX, are expected to undergo long-term placebo-controlled clinical trials with typically tens of thousands of participants to assure their safety.

To evaluate whether Merck met any of these criteria, ICAN, through its attorneys, demanded that the FDA produce copies of all the clinical trial reports relied upon to license Merck’s chicken pox vaccine.  After the FDA stonewalled ICAN for 14 months, failing to produce even a single document, ICAN sued the FDA in federal court to receive the clinical trial reports for this vaccine.

In this lawsuit, the FDA finally capitulated and began its production of the requested clinical trial reports, the last of which were recently received.  A total of 10,796 pages were produced encompassing all the clinical trial reports submitted by Merck to get the VARIVAX license approved.  A complete copy of the production is available here.

What do these documents show?  They show that this product should never have been licensed.

Only one trial relied upon to license this vaccine included a placebo control.  Buried deep in the reports, however, it admits that this ‘placebo’ is an injection of lyophilized stabilizer containing approximately 45 mg of neomycin per milliliter.  This is not a placebo! A placebo is an inert substance like saline — it is not another drug!  Worse, this trial only contained 956 children, of which 491 received VARIVAX and 465 received the alleged ‘placebo.’ Compounding its fake placebo and miniscule number of participants, these children were only monitored for clinical complaints for 56 days and then for an additional 14 days thereafter for serious adverse reactions.

Nonetheless, even in this shoddy, underpowered study, four serious adverse events (including seizure, ulcer, and viral enteritis) were reported in the group of children receiving VARIVAX and none were reported in the group receiving the alleged placebo. That differential was deemed acceptable by the FDA because Merck’s paid investigator did not consider these serious adverse events to be related to VARIVAX.

Nine months after this study began, the children from the ‘placebo’ group were administered VARIVAX. This assured that any differences in the longer-term reaction profile between those that received VARIVAX and those that received the ‘placebo’ in this miniscule trial could never be uncovered.

There was also one study that involved just 61 children in which 32 received VARIVAX and 29 received nothing. At the 8-week mark, the control group (the children who did not receive an injection) were vaccinated with VARIVAX.  During that 8-week period, the children receiving VARIVAX had triple the rate of temperatures above 102 F, nearly double the rate of ear infections, 50% increased rate of upper respiratory illness, and 33% increased rate of systemic clinical complaints.

The rest of the trials produced by the FDA were not blinded, not randomized, nor did they include a control group.  These trials could therefore not provide scientifically valid data to support the product’s safety for licensure.

The FDA’s basis for licensing VARIVAX is incredible when considering that: (i) states mandate by law that millions of children receive VARIVAX every year; (ii) Merck cannot be sued for most injuries caused by this product under federal law; and (iii)  Merck’s sales of this product, alone or in combination with another of its products, was $2.275 billion in 2019.  But yet, the FDA licensed this product based on one fake “placebo” controlled trial, with less than 1,000 children, that reviewed safety for only around 2 months, and then vaccinated the ‘placebo’ group at nine months!

The FDA should be ashamed to call itself a regulatory agency.”

To get back to Covid, one of the worst aspects of the tyranny has been the mandates requiring people to take them. If you refuse, you will be fired. Del Bigtree’s ICAN has fought against this monstrosity: “During the period that they only had emergency use authorization, ICAN directly provided support to legally challenge any employer that required a COVID-19 vaccine.

ICAN’s legal team send out innumerable letters to employers and universities across the country that announced COVID-19 mandates for this unlicensed product.  For example, here is a letter that was sent to Cornell.  ICAN has also supported numerous lawsuits, including one that resulted in the employer dropping the mandate within hours of filing suit.  These efforts garnered publicity and made widely known that it is not legal to require an unlicensed vaccine and that the threat of a lawsuit for doing so was real.

We are confident that our efforts have played a major role in holding the line with regard to employee and university mandates of this unapproved and unlicensed vaccine.  The win can be measured by the fact that virtually no large corporations, putting aside a handful of hospitals and care facilities, have required this unlicensed vaccine and have typically indicated they will wait at least until it is approved and licensed by the FDA to consider a mandate.”

Del Bigtree and ICAN are heroic. Murray Rothbard would have loved him. Everybody should support him.

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