Del Bigtree Fights for Freedom

Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, and many others, are certainly heroic for their respective roles in the battle against the Covid tyranny that has lorded over the world for the last three years.

But unfortunately, they are unable or unwilling to face what it would take to win the larger battle. The fear of an invisible particle trying to kill us all is simply too much to be overcome by statistics, databases, lawsuits, marches, or any other expensive and time-consuming action. Such actions just serve to further confuse an already befuddled public. Drug companies, governments, and medical associations have limitless resources and can easily afford and encourage controlled opposition which insists upon playing by the establishment’s rules.

I just read that Russia threw its support to the World Health Organization’s plan to assume unilateral control of international pandemic response which, if formalized, will usher in an endless series of pandemics and total control of us all. In addition, vaccines continue to be added to the childhood injection schedule required in schools, universities, businesses, and elsewhere. The allopathic medicine juggernaut is not to be denied. And there’s not even a twinge of conscience about damage done by its nostrums.

Recently, I listened to a podcast with Dr. Peter McCullough, and when he was asked if the virus, Sars Cov-2, existed, Dr. McCullough replied (my phrasing) that as a clinician, he could tell that a virus causes Covid-19 from symptoms exhibited by patients. That was an unscientific answer if there ever was one. I understand his reluctance to face the fact that more than one hundred years of belief are completely without scientific basis, but that’s where we are in terms of the entrenched virology establishment.

Jon Rappoport, Gary Barnett, and other writers on either know the truth about germ theory, or they suspect it. I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the CDC for proof that the virus exists and causes disease which can be transmitted from person to person. The answers, received in August 2020, led me to spend many hours reading technical papers and listening to discussions of virology. Conclusion: virology is bunk, based upon a nest of wilder and wilder assumptions and arm waving, not science. How can the public be encouraged to understand this and let go of the irrational fear? I do not know. But with the health freedom community largely avoiding the issue, we’re not likely to find out anytime soon.

It is easy for me to say that the health freedom movement should fight to the death when I personally have no voice and therefore cannot assume the horrible risks to life and limb, unlike those who fight publicly. But, in my opinion, there is only one path to victory: take on virology and reject it. Insist on proof that pathogenic viruses (either natural or engineered) exist. Only in this way can the public’s fear of an invisible, magical particle that is supposedly out to kill them be put to rest.

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