Defending Yourself Against Wealth and Health Destruction

There’s an old saying that 90% of wealth is health. Of course we’ve all heard “you can’t take it with you.” But let’s be frank, we sure need it while we’re here. A full life needs both health AND wealth.


My good friend, Thorsten Polleit, has a new book, The Global Currency Plot, which is an excellent way to quickly learn the history and latest strategies being used against us wealth gatherers and what we can do about it. I highly recommend it.

Central control of our money has been a long-term strategy that has had a tragically corrosive effect on our time preference.

This has caused, over the last 50 years in particular, a transformation of our civilization into a much more frantic and fearful one where patience and good manners are more rare between us and where rational thinking and basic categorizations, including what is a man and woman, are simply up for grabs to the loudest voices.

But those who want global dominance are not just focused on monetary control.


We’ve recently seen controlling our fear of illness and death is obviously a much more immediate way to centralize power and gain unquestioned control.

It was breathtaking when in March 2020 all the governments around the world in near perfect union showed their teeth and locked down, mandated, restricted and got most of their citizens to bow down to their tyrannical declarations.

There were relatively few opposing voices and these brave souls were treated like insects that needed to be crushed. No one objecting – or even hesitating – was spared.

In this chaotic maelstrom our universal fear of debilitating illness and death showed those who seek greater control over us the fastest way to get us to heel.

So What Are We To Do?

There’s an old saying in Negotiation Theory that “a tactic perceived is a tactic disarmed.” The lesson here is, learn enough so you can at least see them coming.

Now more than ever we all need to turn off the boob tube and start learning the deeper layers of knowledge associated with wealth and health that are readily available to, at minimum, insulate us better from their toxic efforts.

Many of you are well on your way. Some of you reading this may be thinking, where do I start?

For wealth related education I would recommend you start here, here and here. I also recommend the extensive library of scholarship at that chronicles the history of wealth centralization and the planned destruction of money’s purchasing power.

For health related education I and others have written practical handbooks and beginners study guides that introduce the Terrain Paradigm which I consider the most important branch of the Health Freedom Movement happening right now.


Whatever strategies you choose to adopt, being in control of your wealth and health comes with a price tag of greater personal responsibility.

It’s worth the learning process and will advantageously improve your health and wealth journey through the current fire swamp with less fear which is, in my opinion, the greatest freedom of all.

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