CV-19 Deaths Linked to Fauci Protocol Exclusion of Antibiotics


Independent researchers in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and Ottawa are separately pointing to Anthony Fauci’s exclusion of antibiotics as part of the COVID-19 Treatment Protocol as the plausible cause of excess viral pneumonia deaths and myocarditis damage among the vaccinated from 2020 to 2022. Many excess deaths (more than normal deaths) were not from a virus epidemic or from vaccine injuries but from excluding antibiotics from the COVID-19 treatment standard of care. But there is not sufficient quality of data to estimate the magnitude of such deaths. And this understanding suggests that what has been called a virus is bacterial, not viral, and thus requires antibiotic treatment that has been excluded under the Fauci Protocol.

To inflate the number of COVID cases and deaths from 2020 to 2022, the CDC did not count influenza and pneumonia in disease statistics during the COVID-19 emergency and instead counted them as COVID deaths. There was a $35,000 per patient financial incentive for hospitals to do so.  Three independent researchers have started to blow the whistle on the withholding of antibiotics.

J.J. Couey, PhD, biologist, Gigaohm Biological, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in an online interview has stated:

“Where they (CDC) were saying, over and over again, antibiotics don’t work for viral pneumonia…. So, that’s a phenomenon that can be explained if we think about the fact that we stopped using antibiotics for a declared viral pneumonia based on a PCR test. And this was done around the world”.

Likewise, Denis Rancourt, PhD, a physicist in Ottawa, Canada, reports fifty percent of COVID-19 deaths were bacterial pneumonia requiring antibiotics that are reportedly excluded under the Fauci Protocol.  Rancourt asserts we must recognize that the institutionalization of a new diagnostic and treatment protocol (replacement of antibiotics with vaccines) was at the heart of the Fauci Protocol for COVID-19.

Likewise, Dr. Joseph Lee, MD, in Los Angeles, wrote a 73-page letter (not online) to Dr. Fauci that is especially informative (see video here-skip the start).

The stated intention of COVID-19 RNA Vaccines is to inject spike proteins into the blood that trigger the body to produce antibodies for delivery into the lung to stop respiratory infections.  But Dr. Lee asserts COVID-19 vaccinations are ‘science fiction’ because the RNA Spike Protein molecule is too large (145,000 daltons) to enter the lung to stop a respiratory infection (maximum for lung entry is 18 daltons).

Unintended Benefits – Self-De-Activating Vaccines

According to Dr. Lee, the unintended saving grace to C-19 RNA vaccines is they also induce the production of signaling molecules called chemokines.  These chemokines can cause harmful inflammation but also result in the production of Interferon and Ribonuclease Enzymes that interfere with and shut off any harmful antibodies produced by the COVID-19 RNA vaccines.  Put differently, Lee relates how public health officials apparently unknowingly mandate RNA vaccines that are self-deactivating, but nonetheless their side effects are effective in an unexpected way.

Because of Lee’s postulated vaccine undeliverability to the lung and deactivation by Ribonuclease, the vaccine doesn’t interfere with the body’s innate immune response to clear a lung infection in 3 days, but only if the sick do not eat food upon infection (proving the nursing bromide “feed a cold, starve a fever”).  Lee points out that 95% to 99% of the unvaccinated “heal” from a viral infection within three days without a vaccine or antibiotics (not including Strep Throat). This innate response includes internally generating Ribonuclease Enzymes and Interferon along with not ingesting protein or amino acids that promote growth of the infection.

Dr. Lee says the off switch to our electro-chemical-fluid bodies is the Ribonuclease Enzyme. He asserts the unrecognized benefits of the Ribonuclease Enzyme (that is everywhere) is that it sheds through skin as a deactivator of viruses and is millions of times more powerful than the RNA vaccine antibody molecule.  So, shedding Ribonuclease (not viral particles) through the skin is perhaps beneficial but in a different way than is misunderstood by both conventional and alternative medicine doctors as only contamination or contagion.

Moreover, Lee contends that since the RNA vaccine is ineffective it is not a vaccine but a medicine, and as such, cannot be mandated.


Lee also points out that seasonal Streptococcus bacteria (strep throat) can bring about an autoimmune reaction (antibodies) that can destroy the heart valve called Rheumatic Heart Disease. Amoxicillin (and penicillin, azithromycin) is the antidote to Strep Throat. But again, antibiotics were excluded from the C-19 protocol. Myocarditis is among the most misdiagnosed medical conditions prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic because its symptoms are nonspecific. The most accurate test for myocarditis is a Cardiac MRI.

A study reports that myocarditis is seven times more likely among the unvaccinated compared to the vaccinated once the sick contract COVID-19.  However, this was a mere literature review study

and is meaningless because it does not also indicate whether patients got antibiotics or not; or if the sick fasted or not fasted within a two day window of getting sick. Common sense would tend to assume the unvaccinated also are reluctant to take antibiotics or don’t have the resources to do so.  This study is thus of a superficial correlation, not cause and effect, and likely reflects differences in social class not incidence of myocarditis. This study indicates how even a random sample study with a control group can have serious pitfalls by omitting confounding factors.

I contacted a family that previously had COVID and inquired how they licked it without going to a hospital. They reported they had sore throats and contacted an online concierge doctor who prescribed Azithromycin (called Z-Pack) antibiotic, Metoprolol to reduce high blood pressure and Ivermectin.


This article is limited information not medical advice.  Dr. Lee warns that diabetics should not fast for two days upon getting a respiratory infection or sore throat because their blood sugar would go to zero which could be fatal. The same precaution applies to anyone with medical preconditions for which they should consult a medical practitioner if they get sick.

The point of this article is that one should not always avoid prescribed antibiotics for sore throats or infections; or conversely attempt self-diagnosis and treatment with Ivermectin or Vitamin C infusions without medical consultation. Antibiotics can also have negative side effects.

Moreover, if Dr. Lee is correct, except for Myocarditis, vaccines may be harmless because they are dysfunctional, but their side effects (producing the Ribonuclease Enzyme and Interferon) may be potentially beneficial for reasons not well understood.  Moreover, folk medicine and nursing (“feed a cold chicken soup, starve a fever”) has a scientific basis but should not replace sound medical advice.

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