Terms & Conditions

Customer use terms and conditions……………………  These may be revised at any time without notice.

  1.  This website Smallbusinessbarn.com is a virtual host of our member stores.  We do not warehouse their goods and do not own their goods at any point.  We are merely marketplace facilitators.
  2.  You will need to checkout separately by store at this time due to the freight calculation.  These items come direct from the store owners.  They’re located all over the USA.  We apologize for the inconvenience but shipping & handling twice isn’t likely to save money either.
  3.  This website takes no responsibility for sellers or vendors on this store.  The store or seller itself is solely responsible for it’s own content, products, distribution, money received, and customer satisfaction.  Please review vendor policies and customer satisfaction ratings prior to purchasing from any vendor.  This site is merely a host for their store.  To encourage American small business we wish to provide for the cheapest possible price a marketplace to help Americans to compete with much lower cost and lower regulation areas.  We will attempt to keep our site free of obvious frauds or scams but our time and money for such is limited.   We accept no responsibility for a transaction which does not directly involve us.  Your transaction is between the buyer and the seller.  Please exercise caution and inform us with evidence of wrongdoing only after attempting to rectify the situation with the vendor.  
  4.   This website attempts to determine if a business is an american owned business and if it’s employees are citizens.  We attempt to determine if the store obtains it’s materials and contractors from American citizens.  To the extent that they are not we will advertise to American suppliers and contractors that these services are not currently provided by an American so that they may contact that vendor to offer their services and materials.  Due to our taxes, regulations, wages, etc. some things are not being made here.  We cannot guarantee our background work but it is important to us.  If you have reason to believe mis-representation is made please report it and any proof of that you have to us.   Our intent is not to host big businesses, global businesses or any business disrespectful of individual liberty.  Big business loves  communism and big government.  The people’s interests are not represented by them.  Dependence leads to enslavement, always.  We want to encourage independence, liberty, and the class mobility created by individual property & business ownership.
  5. These are small businesses you are purchasing from ..  Please be aware they may not be as quick or have the same personnel as a large company.  They may require some flexibility as to schedule.  They may not answer phones or email but once a day.  They may have a day job they work around.  They run their own business and therefore set their own terms to help make you aware of their limitations.  When they gain enough customers for their business then they can afford to dedicate more time and resources.  Be patient and help make that possible for them.  Economic independence is the American dream.  To retain your right to try to achieve it ensure that all of our rights are respected.
  6. This site will not host any business which attacks their customer or employees rights to make their own medical choices.  We don’t want unamerican businesses who try to fascistically force customers or employees into communistically correct behavior.  We don’t cave to mobster bullys here.  That includes mask wearing and “vaccines”.  To be here, on our site, they must respect everyone’s liberty.  We can choose not to buy from or sell to them.  We can choose not to work for them.  In fact, we just did.  See 1st Amendment.