Crime Facts We’re Supposed To Ignore

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Over the weekend, two black men and one white woman were shot at a Dollar General in Jacksonville, Florida. The shooter, who was white, then took his own life.

Since it’s impossible for anyone to be normal anymore, the usual suspects immediately sought to paint a political picture here: why, Ron DeSantis hasn’t given in to all our demands, so we’ll blame him for the shooting!

Thus Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri wrote: “There’s something deeply upsetting about mourning the 68th anniversary of Emmett Till’s murder on the heels of an anti-Black, racist and deadly attack over the weekend. We’re still under the threat of white supremacist violence.”

Wilfred Reilly, who teaches at Kentucky State University, corrected her: “This is a truly negative, non-productive message. These two attacks took place ~70 years apart. Violent/felony inter-racial crime involving Blacks and whites is 3% of annual Index crime — and THAT is 80+% black on white.”

He might have added that two years ago Rep. Bush’s car was caught in a barrage of gunfire in her own district. The perpetrators were not named John J. Winthrop IV.

“Black leaders” have been trying to link the shooting to Ron DeSantis’ rejection of an AP African American Studies course and his opposition to (idiotic and fact-free) “wokeness.” One black lawmaker said DeSantis had “blood on his hands.”

In other words: if you don’t give in to all my demands, you are responsible for every occurrence from this point on.

In fact, the course was about what you’d expect, as John McWhorter, a linguist at Columbia University (and yes, he’s black), pointed out. DeSantis was absolutely right to reject the course, he said, because of its emphasis on “left-leaning writers” and because it amounted to “advocacy” rather than education.

“Black history has been ever so much more than protest and professional pessimism; note how hard it is to imagine any other group of people whose history is written with this flavor so dominant,” McWhorter added.

Because politics dominates everything now, it’s impossible for many people to interpret anything that happens other than through a political lens. It’s yet another way political dehumanizes us.

I cannot leave you on such a grim note, so I’ll leave you with this instead.

I have long said that one of the major problems with Bitcoin is some of its own boosters. They are lovely people, but they cannot speak in a language normal people can understand. Within two minutes of explaining it they’re already using words like “node.”

If you can’t explain it to my grandmother, it’s not going anywhere.

Still, lots of people are intrigued by its potential, in terms of challenging the existing monetary system, or as a store of value, or whatever. But the lingo makes them just say: forget it.

To the rescue comes our longtime friend John Bush, whom I’ve known since 2007 (the early Ron Paul days).

John is a smart guy and a normal person, all in one, so he is capable of doing a Bitcoin for Beginners presentation that can give you the information and the start you need.

(Note: if you dislike Bitcoin, you are free to do so, but it is not necessary to email me to tell me all about your feelings on this matter. Just let it go, and we can agree to disagree.)

He’s doing a presentation on this very subject, and I promise you’ll find him knowledgeable, understandable, and a good guy, and you’ll have a solid footing in an increasingly important subject. Doesn’t cost anything, but you’ll need to reserve your spot here:

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