Covid Child Abusers, With Their School Mask Mandates, Are Back

With some school systems reinstituting mask mandates, some wonder: Is the explanation stupidity or sociopathy? After all, even CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, once a fierce advocate of socially penalizing the “unvaxxed” and of masking schoolchildren, changed her tune this summer on the latter — after the practice harmed her own little son’s “language development.”

But the house that fell on her hasn’t impressed Philadelphia’s city fathers. One might assume these officials would focus on fighting crime, since young men in the “City of Brotherly Love’s” most violent zip code are almost twice as likely to be shot to death as soldiers in Afghanistan were. Instead, they’ve busied themselves mandating that Philly’s schoolkids must wear masks for 10 days upon their Christmas break return. It brings to mind comedian W.C. Fields’s old crack about a Philadelphia existence being only slightly preferable to death.

Going one better (as in worse), Passaic County in New Jersey had a school mask mandate take effect last week, citing high levels of community China virus transmission. Interestingly, this “threat” didn’t seem to faze Passaic’s teachers at their holiday party just days before (image below).

Passaic’s Teacher Holiday Party this past weekend.

Passaic just instituted a mask mandate on speech-delayed toddlers effective today.

— Justin Spiro, LCSW (@Jusrangers) December 22, 2022

As the first commenter under the above tweet put it, “This isn’t a good look @PassaicSchools.”

Even more aghast was the Washington Examiner’s Zachary Faria, who called the Mask Empire’s school resurgence a “despicable crusade against children being able to live normal lives in the name of COVID safetyism.”

“All of this is not just pointless. It is gross. It is incomprehensibly cruel,” he later added, writing last week. “Even if you lived under a rock for the entire pandemic, you would know that children are not at serious risk from COVID and never have been. You would know that masking children isn’t going to protect them, nor will it protect anyone else…. There is no justification for forcibly masking children again. Yet they are doing it anyway.”

In reality, children are at virtually no risk. Just consider a study in Germany, released late last year, that had evaluated the first 15 months of the “pandemic” — the period during which the China virus was at its most deadly. The result?

In the densely populated country of 83 million, not even one healthy child aged 5 through 18 died of COVID-19. Zero, zilch, nada.

But this reality has been understood by those with open eyes since the very beginning. Remember, data out of Italy at the pandemic’s start, early 2020, showed that the average age of COVID mortality victims was 79.5 and that 99-plus percent had comorbidities. As Faria put it, “It has been 33 months since the pandemic began in the U.S. and approximately 32 months since it became clear that children were never at serious risk from the virus.”

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