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In This Episode:

Joseph T. Salerno, Academic Vice President of the Mises Institute, joins the podcast to talk about Murray Rothbard’s political and economic thought
why a demagogue is necessary for the masses to re-establish control over their government in the age of social democracy
a primer on the economic theory of the Austrian economists, as well as their underlying anthropology and praxeology

Texts Mentioned:

“Education in Economic Liberty” by Wilhelm Röpke in What is Conservatism? edited by Frank S. Meyer
“Why I am Not a Conservative” by F.A. Hayek
“The Use of Knowledge in Society” by F.A. Hayek
America’s Great Depression by Murray Rothbard
Human Action by Ludwig von Mises
“Murray Rothbard versus the Progressives” by Joseph T. Salerno
“In Defense of Demagogues” by Murray Rothbard
Rothbard versus the Philosophers edited by Roberta Modugno
“Why a Socialist Economy is Impossible” by Joseph T. Salerno
“The End of Socialism and the Calculation Debate Revisited” by Murray Rothbard
The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek
The Constitution of Liberty by F.A. Hayek
“Joe Salerno on His Career as an Heir to Rothbard” by Joseph T. Salerno
“A Radical Right-wing Alternative” in the New York Times, 1971
Dan McCarthy “Conservative Conversations” special lecture
Mises Institute
Money: Sound and Unsound  by Joseph T. Salerno

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