Congress Plans to Do Its Job Next Week!

Last Tuesday at 10 PM the House of Representatives voted (368-to-57) for a bill that had been cobbled together just that morning, to spend $40 Billion on aid to US government agencies and military industries, err, Ukraine.  This is a great example of how Congress (and Lockheed Martin) usually does business.

“Normal” for Congress means “without debate, reflection, or transparency – and with limited honesty.” Yet, Representative Adam Schiff (D, CA) just announced a plan, next week, “to shed light on “‘one of the great mysteries of our time and to break the cycle of excessive secrecy and speculation with truth and transparency.’”  He added, “This may be the very thing that brings Democrats and Republicans together, at least for an hour or two.”

How quaint.  The Congress, during normal business hours, will receive information on one of the most pressing issues of the day, “Are UFO’s Real, and is it Russia’s Fault?”

Normally, the Congress would already know the answer, generally along party lines.  The majority answers “Yes,” to the question of UFO existence, and the supermajority answers “Yes” to the second part, that it is likely Russia’s fault.

We can all applaud the idea of bringing Democrats and Republicans together.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine has certainly done a passable job at uniting the uni-party, and the MICIMATT channels both parties like twin Varuca Salts on a daily basis with, “I want it all!”

The Congress has a few other topics about which it might schedule an honest hearing, to shed some light on the mysteries of our time, so to speak.  One of these might be a US foreign policy that seems to have been designed to hasten first use of a modern nuclear weapon.  Neoconservative thinktanks – and the Pentagon – have been promoting for decades the idea of a winnable nuclear conflict.  Adam Schiff, as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, knows this.

But that probably won’t be as much fun as discussing UFOs, and whether Russia is responsible.

Another mystery of our time is the apparently unlimited financial corruption of the US Democratic Party, and much of the Republican Party, vis a vis Ukraine and President Zelensky’s reported $800 million personal portfolio.  Perhaps that’s too much to ask, but it would be a welcome step towards Schiffian transparency.

There is no doubt that the performance failure, and long-term danger, of the experimental COVID RNA genetic treatments, might bring both parties together for an information session.  The hearing could be entitled “An Early Look at the 2026 Patient Drug Warning Inserts for FDA Approved RNA Injections.”  And Fauci could come!  Fauci has – like the dozens of US funded biolabs in Ukraine – disappeared from view, and that can’t be good.

Personally, I’d support a Congressional hearing on the misuse of that key American foreign policy tool known as “regime change.” If we are going to use it, is there a right way?  This topic has the added benefit of being able to bash Russia and allow members of Congress and Senators to talk openly about assassinating Vladimir Putin and be politely applauded by their peers.  Oh, wait, strike that – they already do.

How the US Federal Reserve has warped the economy, and concentrated wealth into the hands of the global Elite, who in turn own everything and are very happy, as they rule over the global Davos Prole, the latter who will own nothing (and are also very happy)?  I’d like to bask in the warm glow of that congressional hearing.

In terms of both mystery and transparency – why not a real Congressional hearing on why the Eastern District Court has OD’ed on Viagra in their heated and sweaty objectification of Julian Assange, complete with drugs, bondage, and torture?  This one could feature interviews with real whistleblowers, and members of the state media, as well as cameos by the CIA and DoD.   Or it could just be advertised for what it is, something incredibly sleazy and disgusting, and most of the august membership of the Congress would arrive early and stay late.

If Schiff wants a real project – why not a rejuvenation of the Church Committee – although finding a Democratic politician willing to fight corruption these days will be tough.  If that’s too scary, why not a hearing on “False Flag as US Foreign Policy – Truth, Half-Truth and Domestic Policy, Too?”

Clearly, next week’s session on understanding UFOs will be productive and rewarding for our hard-working Congress.  How nice for them.

As our diligent representatives enjoy fine food, drink and camaraderie, the Republic concludes its lumbering and dusty collapse all around them.  Stardust (from a UFO or a Russian nuke, I cannot say) will get in their eyes. May the lucky ones hear the faint sounds of slow clapping in the distance before they pass out.

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