Blowing Up the Wrong Balloon!

Hollywood just amazes me sometimes. They consistently predict the future (especially on TV!) They either have some sort of connection with God, or this is just all a big video game, an insider at the White House, or are just doing high-quality drugs and, well, just, ummm, “know stuff.” (wink, wink!)

There are a myriad of examples for Hollywood predicting the future. The movies “Idiocracy” predicted our current day, idiocracy. “2001 a Space Odyssey” predicted video calls and Siri-like artificial intelligence—though Siri hasn’t gone murderous like HAL 9000, yet. “Terminator” predicted something that has also come true: the existence of military drones. The list goes on and on.

These are just a few of many examples. I could write a book naming them all! I am so surprised at just how spot on Hollywood is ALL THE TIME.

As an aside, I run a film festival in Japan, the JIFF Japan Indies Film Festival. I do this festival in cooperation with Raindance in London. We have a “script” category and so I have to read many scripts every year.

Several months back, I received a script that, now I realized, just blows my mind. It is a script for one particular show that has been world famous for predicting the future many times: the Simpsons. It’s a TV script.

Who doesn’t know the Simpsons? There’s Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie and a huge crew of other hilarious people who sometimes show up: Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Chief Wiggum, Kent Brockman, Krusty the Clown and many others.

And speaking of clowns. What do clowns do? They make people laugh and they blow up balloons, right?

The script I got was about the USA blowing up all these balloons and flying objects!

It all came back to me when I read the news, blowing up balloons, and shooting them down: The USA said they blew up something that they didn’t know what it was!

I won’t write the entire script down here as it is 64 pages long! So, I won’t copy the script but I can copy the synopsis. What I read in that synopsis really freaked me out!


The USA is the Land of the Free! It is a bulwark against the evil-doers! People celebrate their freedom by eating and drinking to excess.

One day an evil balloon floats over the USA for days. The president is at a loss about what to do about it. Finally, with his polling numbers sinking, he sends out America’s best fighter jets and blows up the balloon! The president is giddy by himself as his poll numbers rise.

He orders all flying objects to be blown up with extreme prejudice. “Blow up all objects whether we know what they are or not!”

Meanwhile a craft from the “other” empire has a vessel that is screaming through space at triple-warp drive. Of course, this is an alien spacecraft. To avoid the rebel alliance, the ship takes evasive action and flies over the USA where it is shot down by roving US fighter jets. The Imperial Princess Leyva is killed in the shooting.

Back in planet Zirconia, the evil Dark Vader learns of the news of the craft being blown up. He is pissed off and really mad! He orders a massive fleet of his best ships to prepare to invade the planet earth and kill everyone.

Ships from surrounding planets join into the invasion fleet. Through some sort of alien mind reading, they find out that it wasn’t us regular proles and slaves blowing up these objects, it was the fault of Washington DC! They attack the capitol and zap to a crisp every last one of them!

The people cheer and peace reigns o’er the land. We become close friends with the aliens! But, the Alien Alliance soon falls apart when the aliens realize that joining with us is just a waste of time as most of the “regular ordinary people” are just dumbsh*ts…

But, we are now “free!” As the aliens are now the rulers of the earth, they join with the fat and bloated leftists (and rightists) and create a utopia on earth. No one has to work anymore and food is free and plentiful!

The aliens soon discover American TV and sit and watch it all day and night and gorge themselves on the free food (made from real chemicals) and get super fat from eating junk food and become just like us…

In the end, some guy goes running through a crowd of people yelling, “It’s a cookbook! It’s a cookbook!”

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