The first casualty of war……is truth.

(The following is our opinion with which many agree.)

We support small business news to encourage competition and free expression of opposing views.  In a free and independent society you must be entrusted with your own right to decide what you believe and what you don’t.  Censorship is totalitarian fraud to keep you from exploring ideas monopolist powers find against their interests.  Censorship seeks to deny your free choice by denying you access to information that may cause you to make a choice in your own best interest, not the totalitarians best interest.

Censorship is unconstitutional for our government but not fascist businesses who seem to be working with government.  Communists global corps are big gov welfare queens.  Censorship is anti-freedom and is a pathetic attempt of tyrants, liars, conmen & monopolies to stop dissent, and criticism.

If you cannot defend your position it is because it is indefensible.  That is when force of censorship is used.

A “government” which defies our constitution and cannot perform it’s most basic functions of protecting our rights, protecting our borders, and proving it is honestly elected and therefore has the consent of the governed, is NOT a “government”, it is a coup.  Only American citizens are allowed to vote and their identity must be verified.  Only 3rd world poopholes attempt to claim that over half their country (in this case White Christians) that are their political rivals are domestic terrorists with no proof what so ever.  Disgusting behavior and it’s not going to fly.

Our rights were granted by God, not government.  They are not “government’s” to give or take away.  I wonder why we no longer recite a pledge that says “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty & justice for all…”

A few ways you are lied to:  Alledged Certainty, Isolating you from the truth (censorship), Starting the Story in the middle (not proving the issue exists or addressing the cause), loaded questions, moral equivalency.  The controllers create the problem, to create the reaction that leads you into their boxcar “solution”.  Smear tactics (name calling like “racist”, “conspiracy theorist”, etc) and creating a cult to get lenin’s useful idiots to attack their fellow by cancelling to get rid of inconvenient facts and take power from those who oppose the communist con.  Note:  The scum are always doing what they accuse others of.  NAZI stands for national SOCIALIST…Communists always must lie like they breathe and kill because their idiology is pure poison.  If you understood what their real purpose is you would not go along with it.  They do not “help” the weak they enslave all except the very top.  When their poor followers have given them power they kill their useful idiots first, every time.  Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed and used to destroy liberty & opportunity for all.  Communists can succeed if we allow them to make us fight each other so they don’t have to fight us.

Gaslighting:  A form of psychological abuse usually involving blaming the one they’re lying to and attempts to make them doubt their common sense.  Our media, education and government continuously tell blatant lies or encourage lies.  If told often enough people begin to believe the lies.  Another behavior that looks like an act of war.

Flat out lies told all day long in communist infiltrated government, indoctrination centers (“schools”), on your TV, in your movies, and sometimes even lies in church …………….

False Flag LIES : Maga christians attacking others.  (Smollet, Jews doing things to themselves to blame us), FBI bowing to communists and allowing them into the capital for the instigated pretend “insurrection”….many more.  Rampant journo-terrorism lies and fear mongering.

Just a few of the blatant lies we are subjected to every day:

White Christians are TERRORISTS
Governments are NOT the biggest terrorists throughout history
Biden WAS “Elected”
Demonrats supported ending slavery
White Supremacists are the gravest threat (There may be two in the US)
Systemic Racism exists against brown people, not white people.
People who are not brainwashed are confused about their gender
Gender “transition” is actually possible.  
Climate change is actually a thing caused by anything other than the sun
Women are as strong as men
Men are “toxic”
Biological men can have babies
Math is racist, literacy is racist, disagreeing with brown people or gay people is racist.  Merit is racist.
Property ownership is racist and “privileged”.  You didn’t earn that!
America is a “Democracy”
Police are Racist (Brown people need not obey laws!)
Americans started slavery (it was common at the time)
Americans have always been obedient fools and bootlickers
Anyone has a “moral” right to bully you into anything communists want like forced shots, lockdowns, etc.
You have no rights
You are a perpetual victim.  Everyone will feel sorry for you and pay your way!  They owe YOU!

Medical Tyranny & Police state :  The communist PLANDEMIC is a fraud created to initiate the GREAT COMMUNIST RESET.  Lockdowns and medical mandates such as mask requirements are not constitutional.  Their purpose is to economically & emotionally devastate and steal your liberty and elections.  It is a communist worldwide attack.  The shot itself is part of the biological attack.  People are now dying from the experimental shot our wanna be controllers are so pathetically desperate to force you to accept.   Medical censorship has been blatant.  They could not have gotten an Emergency Use Authorization for the deadly shot if they admitted to the safe effective treatments readily available like hydroxychloraquine or Ivermectin.  Pharma made billions to lie to you.  We will not be forced into your boxcar.  We have a right to informed consent.  Our right to choose our own medical treatment or to refuse medical treatment is a basic human right and is protected by our constitution.  The mask is a psychological control device and is not effective as a medical device.  The “vaccine” is not a vaccine.  It is a “gene therapy”, it can alter your genes.  It is more deadly than the kung flu.  It is also not approved, it is experimental.  You are the new rat.  All of the real rats died.  The drug dealers have no liability for harm to you.  Neither gov nor business has a right to force you to accept their drug pushing.  A business can fire you but they are likely to be sued into the ground for liability for damages caused to you by these drugs or for unlawful discrimination.  Our medical information is private and we have every right to keep it private.  Hysterics to create control is a disgusting communist tactic.  Covid has 99% + survival rate for most.  No jab is remotely necessary even if it worked.


Racism does not become ok when it is pointed at a different colorPrinciples matter.  We do not wish to do business with, buy from or work for hateful racist clowns like Coke.   We don’t want to support any business which discriminates against anyone based on superficial characteristics.  America had outgrown this long ago.  The push for racism (just against whites now) again is a tool to divide us and it is not in our best interest.  It appears to be a racket that would benefit communist scum who have created the real issues in our economy.   A sense of American community is ESSENTIAL to liberty.  They divide to conquer.  Communists GREAT RESET IS GREATLY REJECTED.

America is the least racist on earth.  Roughly 420,000  mostly white christian americans died with 180,000 black americans in the civil war to free slaves.  Slavery was common around the world at that time.  This nation paid for slavery with our lives.  America has bent over backwards since to give every opportunity to those harmed.  Too many people fall for the communist envy con.  They blame others for what they refuse to do for themselves.  Individual freedom requires individual responsibility.    It’s easier to blame others for our mistakes but if we do not attempt to find our own mistakes we can never correct them and therefore we will never succeed.  America has given more than equal opportunity, it has given “affirmative action” aka first dibs on our jobs  to blacks and others who are not white or who fill “special” boxes.  Now white christians are being discriminated against en mass and require the protection we gave others at our expense.  For those who gave “equality before the law” to others are being denied the same.  Now our gov unequally applies the law in a blatantly unconstitutional manner.  Blacks can murder, steal, lie, and riot and whites cannot even peaceably assemble to protest or protect ourselves from those who are threatening us.  Our “supreme” court cannot be bothered to hear the most important original jurisdiction case in history.  It refuses to hear the evidence of election fraud.  Clearly the “court” is a fraud.  Only Justice Thomas had anything intelligent to say.

EQUITY is not physically possible.  Envious hating self pitying fools would cut off the taller guys head so they don’t look short.  It is a communist con.  The world owes you nothing but what you legitimately earn.  We are judging your character and will continue to do so.  It’s called tough love.  We all need it sometimes.  You are not being victimized, you are victimizing others and it will not be tolerated.  There is no excuse for your violence.  BLM is an admitted communist organization calling for white genocide.  Anitfa is a violent communist organization as well.  CRT is a communist divide and conquer strategy to create civil war.  Don’t be brainwashed by morons.

Wokism and SJW are a laughingstock of pure unadulterated communist propaganda & idiocy.  There are only two genders.  You have a penis or you don’t.  You have xx or xy chromosomes.  This fact of life cannot be changed.  While we believe in tolerance we do not believe in promoting gayness, or allowing it to be taught.  A stable family is an ESSENTIAL support to enable strength, resilience, and success.  Communists make you depend on government above family to destroy you.  Anti-humanists would like you to quit pro-creating but people who love humanity see the necessity.  Gayness is against nature.  Snowflakes will melt but it’s way past time to stop enabling the delusional.  These idiotic ideas pushed in our schools, in “our” gov, in our media, everywhere are COMMUNIST INDOCTRINATION to destroy our culture and families.  These ideas are enabling blatant perversions and child abuse including MUTILATION.  They are sexually grooming children in school.  This nation will never allow normalization of pedophilia, child abuse, sex with animals or other blatant attacks on our national character.  

White Christians are the only race and creed “privileged” to be routinely discriminated against here in the ussa.  We are even assaulted by false preachers.

Environmentalism is not about the environment.  It’s a war on carbon. It’s a war on your nation to stop creating energy needed for survival and production.  We think we humans are the carbon based life forms they are warring against and we are not inclined to let arrogant World Economic Forum fools & parasites tell us what to eat or how to live.  They appear to be eugenicists who think you and I are worthless eaters and they want us dead since they think they have no further use for us.  We have no use for them either but are not as murderous as they.

The fact that our military stopped operations to weed out real Patriots who believe in our constitution sure looks like an act of war against us.  We stand with our patriots .  A government that encourages the kind of blatant stupidity that makes our military vulnerable by forcing lowered standards to pretend that women are anywhere near as physically strong as men is an attack on our nation.  Our men should not be endangered by being saddled with those unable to pull their weight.  “Diversity” is not a strength.  Merit is a strength.  We want the best qualified for the job, not the most “special”.  Women cannot compete physically with men.

Outsourcing & robots : big corps outsource our jobs because “our” gov makes it worth their while to hire people outside the USA by making them cheaper to employ.  Their employees are paid much less and dependent on their employer for a greencard.  These practices have decimated American employment as well as innovation.

Monopolies become dictators.  Every.  Single.  Time.  If you work for one they will force you to accept their often blatant immorality to remain employed.  If you buy from them they will use your money against your interests by “lobbying” your government.  They are writing the anti-liberty laws that are stealing our rights & dividing us.

Small business :   Small business is often begun as a small side gig and grows.  Being a small business rather than an employee gives us more options regarding our schedule, pay, and working conditions.  Minimum wage does not apply.  Small businesses often invest much time for free before they succeed.  Many do not succeed.  This is the path to the middle class.  Nobody said it would be easy.   Small business respects and caters to their customers.  It is that close attention that drives innovation.  Monopolies don’t have to compete so they are not respectful or responsive to the needs of their customers.  They seek excessive regulation to run the competition out of business.   Monopolies buy competition and influence in our government.  Our “representatives” let these fascist corps write our laws.  This activity leaves us no choices to shop with businesses who support liberty.  Vote with your dollars.  It’s a vote that will count.

We want to support small business which supports our values.

We value liberty above all and will not trade it for the illusion of safety. 
Tyrants always tell you it is for your own good.  YOU decide what is for your own good or you have just been infantilized and had your human agency stolen.  Gov is not your daddy.

There is no such thing as “moral relativism”.  Character matters

  There is objective truth and without it society cannot function and devolves in the most pathetic manner.  

We will counter the great communist con at every opportunity.   There is no honor among thieves.   They have murdered 100,000,000 and counting.  Communism seeks to destroy the family, religion, education, medicine and the military by any means.  Communism is for hateful fools who envy others.  If you are not economically independent, you are not free.  The government has nothing it did not take from a producing person or business first.  Government welfare should be temporary and used to help someone become independent.  Instead welfare is used to make you dependent rather than independent.  You are being led to dependence so that the government can control you.  There is no free lunch and nobody owes us anything.  Government welfare for businesses (bank bailouts, media, medicine, schools, pharma, etc) and other countries are just a political money laundering scheme.  Like all welfare or bribes they must tow the line (blackmail) or lose their stolen goods.  It’s why most businesses now accustomed to the communist pay to play way are no longer american companies.

If your gov wants your guns it’s because it intends to do something to you that you would defend yourself from.

Our goal is to help our fellow Americans get back on their feet.  We must strengthen ourselves to be able to help others.  If money were our only goal we would fear the smears.  We know liberty loving people build the best society and the best products & services because they depend on customers and so must create a quality product or service that people want & need at a price they can afford.  They have to serve their customers to survive.  Monopolies allowed by sellout government or monopolist behavior serve no-one but themselves.

We’re not going to bow down to fear of the pathetic, desperate smear or attack from our communist occupied gov.  We will not go quietly into the night.  The persecution is real.  We must be brave.  Not just for love of our liberty but to give heart to all of the beautiful people who want liberty we have been privileged to meet.  We send our love to the world.  We must stand together and demand liberty with one voice.


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