Bill Gates, Blinken, Jamie Dimon; visiting China as Beggars

It has come to the attention of ‘those who find it interesting’ that the lab meat Bill Gates grows and advocates is genetically modified ‘immortalized cells’.   These cells are specifically designated for research purposes only and even in that context the outcome of related studies are said to be ‘compromised’.   Lancet.   Yet, apparently, it is just these cancerous immortalized cells that Bill Gates has been using in his and likely others ‘fake meat’ product.

Apparently the problem arose when it was discovered that normal cells don’t reproduce forever – they have a designated lifespan’.   The Fake Meat is predicated on fake cells because they can be manipulated and reproduce forever – because they are Fake.   But if this is a fake cultured cell then it isn’t really a cell at all!    IS IT?

It is a bioengineered nucleus.  

I liken the fakery department to its roots – Flowers!   Flowers became nonseasonal – a year round enjoyment!   But to manufacture these GMO ‘flowers’ their cell structure had to be severely mutated.   This human created cell however, could not reproduce scent.   Thus all such GMO flowers are devoid of ‘scent’.

Such is the Fake Meat Market.   It may look and taste like something aboriginal, but it has no scent.   And more importantly – it has no nutritional value.   Farmed Fish have NO Nutritional value.   Farmed Chickens – pigs – cows lose their nutritional value as they don’t develop normally. That development is what is passed to you – consumer.

The Danish Government has bent to the Slavic sorcerers and is going to euthanize over 200,000 cows to reduce farting gas.   And semi-normal people nod like bauble dolls in agreement.

Today, the esteemed fake programmer, biologist, medical doctor, farmer, rancher, lab expert, climate Tzar – Bill Gates arrived in China – as did Blinken.    Gates is scheduled to meet with Xi Jinping, while Blinken will meet with one of Jinping’s lower associates with no fanfare.   Gates claims this is the first visit to China since 2019 when the CoVid Pandemic was orchestrated.   What will Gates provide this time?

The meetings come on the heels of CSIS discussing ways and means of preemptively sanctioning China for invading Taiwan.   Punishment ‘before’ the anticipated maybe crime.  A threat?

The CEO meetings descending in droves with China Leaders also includes the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, who has been a witness in the Virgin Island Lawsuit brought against JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon via the Epstein scandal.   His visit also coincides with Gates last visit in 2019… months before the Pandemic Was Levied. Coincidental?

Elon Musk met with Jinping as he also paid a snap visit to China to oversee his factory in Shanghai.   Citigroup CEO was in China.   Goldman Sachs CEO. Apple CEO, Intel CEO, Blackstone, and General Motors have all descended on China in the last month.   Desperate to shore relations despite the Pentagon and NGO insanity.

As a direct result of these visits – the bank CEO’s released a common statement that China’s Economic Growth Outlook has been raised to 6.4%.   In other words, Xi Jinping is pissed about the negative prediction news and wants positive prediction news – and banks will pay China for that privilege.

SPD Silicon Valley Bank, declared insolvency and was absorbed by First Citizens Bank. They bought a negative equity of $8 billion.    Before the insolvency, SPD Silicon was a 50/50 joint venture with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

China’s banking sector is the largest in the world holding over $50 Trillion in assets.  That fact alone may have something to do with the deluge of visiting Tzars from the US as our banks implode sitting on less than 5% Net Equity!

JP Morgan claims it has been doing business in China since 1921. That would be 60 years BEFORE China opened its economic society to foreign influence. It would also indicate that JP Morgan was well entrenched in the Communist Mao period wherein millions of citizens were liquidated – and millions others starved.

The West is fully entrenched in the China business landscape despite the media matter propaganda – the CSIS and IISS propaganda – all declaring China a major threat!   Reality Check would reveal that AI is significantly more advanced in China than the US – and that represents the actual ‘threat’.   $$$$$$$$$$.

Open Technology, aka Soros, wants to have access to ALL of China’s advanced AI technology so western nations can ‘catch-up’.   Having spent the last two years destroying the US via CRT, academic failure in k-12 and universities, riots and the destruction of all major cities, while busily devolving the US social and economic construct, suddenly the Lax Lazy Cartel Powers have awoken to find – the US tech elites are in Twalette Water.

Enter Alex Soros.   A Silver Spoon History Major.

Alex Soros claims to have a BA degree in something and a PhD in History – yet the Bio-Makers that falsify education and accomplishments for ‘a fee’ made egregious mistakes.   Alex bio states he received his BA in 2009.   They also decree that Soros pursued his PhD in History in 2010, earning it in 2011… before he secured his Masters…   he somehow skipped an entire degree program and obtained his PhD in just 2 short years….   Farkalicious! Gotta hate when that happens.

Trying to terrorize the Trump Magats, Alex declares that he is 10x more evil than his dad and he alone will destroy Trump.

The propaganda continues to make it a difficult journey to find TRUTH among the RugRats of Deception and Chaos.   For me, my blogs take an extraordinary amount of time, researching, deleting and stepping away.   China and Russia are paramount discussion points because they are the HIT targets.

Still:   The US and EU continue to buy Russian resources DESPITE sanctions and demonizing.   The US and EU are dependent on China – despite their sucking up naysayers – pinky swearing otherwise.   The US and EU continue to demonize Russia and China in the public Platform – while continuing trade out of FEAR.  

The nouveau FEAR is that the West is Losing. Losing Hard and Fast.   Massive intelligence idiocy, massive incompetence, massive Chaos has caused allies to disperse faster than rats racing into the curbside dumps of Manhattan refuse!   But the purpose is the same – GARBAGE.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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