Biden’s Blunders vs. Trump’s Turmoil: A Political Showdown

Political Echos of the Past

Here’s a fun family factoid I recently learned: my parents’ first date was on the occasion of RFK (Sr., not Jr.) visiting BYU in 1968 for a presidential campaign tour across Utah campuses. My dad, a part of the BYU student leadership, served as RFK’s chauffeur for the day, even taking him skiing at Sundance. This early breakfast date led to a marriage that, 55 years later, has resulted in 4 children, 20 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. What a start to their journey together!

This historical anecdote is particularly resonant now, as we find ourselves in a similar political predicament. Just as LBJ withdrew from the race three days after RFK’s visit, we’re now witnessing a new chapter in political history unfold. A special counsel assigned to investigate Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents has decided not to press charges, citing significant memory lapses during interviews as a key factor in their decision.

The special counsel made the determination that they would not be seeking charges against President Biden. And here’s why:

In his interview with our office, Mr. Biden’s memory was worse. He did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended (if it was 2013 – when did I stop being Vice President?”), and forgetting on the second day of the interview when his term began in 2009, am I still Vice President?”). He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died. And his memory appeared hazy when describing the Afghanistan debate that was once so important to him. Among other things, he mistakenly said he “had a real difference” of opinion with General Karl Eikenberry, when, in fact, Eikenberry was an ally whom Mr. Biden cited approvingly in his Thanksgiving memo to President Obama. In a case where the government must prove that Mr. Biden knew he had possession of the classified Afghanistan documents after the vice presidency and chose to keep those documents, knowing he was violating the law, we expect that at trial, his attorneys would emphasize these limitations in his recall.

They went on to say:

I have never been a strong believer in political conspiracies. I attribute most of these issues to incompetence rather than malice or conniving. The specter of some puppet master secretly waiting for a Trump nomination, so they could shuffle in a useful Gavin Newsom to represent the Democrats seems to be far-fetched. The rumors about Michelle Obama taking the helm were even more delirious as if we needed more representation from the Obamas in the White House anyway. (Key staff members of Biden’s White House are longtime Obama acolytes).

But now, there is real purported evidence that might just marginalize President Biden. Of course, there are a hundred million reasons why Biden might stay in the White House, and all of them are in the bank between the DNC and his campaign. Who knows what would transpire then! And then, what do you do with Kamala?

The promised geriatric reprisal of Trump versus Biden might seem in doubt. Although I wouldn’t bet against it.

Obama’s Terrible Coattails

Speaking of Obama, there are many parts of this country that consider him one of the greatest presidents of all time. I do not subscribe to that view, but I can understand his inclination to do so, given the vestige he holds as the first elected Black president. But if you’re a Democrat, you might remember it differently, especially if you were in politics. Obama has, perhaps, one of the worst records down-ticket over his two-term tenure as president. Nearly 1,000 congressional, state, and Senate assembly seats were lost over eight years.

The Tea Party was born, and even though Mitt Romney lost, 2012 and 2014 were still fortuitous years in many respects for the Republican Party and terrible outcomes for the Democrats.

What happened?

The Left was blindsided. Smart conservatives like Matt Margolis, Dinesh D’Souza, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and David Limbaugh wrote scathing books with inside scoops, first-hand interviews, and great journalism. Online journalism made its heyday in those years and led to incredible investigative works that really took a bite out of Obama’s prestige. The Tea Party was born, and a wave of strong Republican senators came into power. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee… the list goes on and on. Then Congressman DeSantis made his debut in 2012, along with a host of vigorous constitutional-defending Republicans. It was a great time to be on the Right! Fellow Gen X-ers represent!

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