Biden Losing America With Ukraine Money Pit Policy

As we highlight in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report, a new poll brings more devastating news to the Biden Administration and to Democrats hoping to salvage something in the upcoming elections: a healthy majority of Americans oppose the President’s policy toward Ukraine. This poll was not commissioned by the GOP or RPI or any hostile entity. It was commissioned by a news outlet most invested in the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party: CNN.

When the Democrats lose CNN… well it’s probably similar to Republicans losing Fox News.

But according to the poll, not only does a scant 25 percent believe he’s doing a good job handling inflation, but a majority 52 percent of all Americans oppose his disastrous Ukraine policy:

As Americans are facing inflation the likes of which they haven’t seen in four decades, it’s no surprise that the idea of sending 60 or so billion dollars in funny money to Ukraine would not be popular. As I mentioned in a recent speech, the US has sent the equivalent of one-half of Ukraine’s ENTIRE GDP for 2021 to ensure that the US can fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian. Additionally, as Americans struggle to afford healthcare, it’s no shock that the idea of the US propping up Ukraine’s healthcare system to the tune of $1.7 billion is not earning many fans among American citizens, even among the Left.

We’ve endured the slings and arrows as to be expected for opposing Washington’s proxy war against Russia at the price of Ukrainian blood. And there are plenty of soi-dissant libertarians who also got themselves into a tizzy replacing their “mask up” avatar with a “support Ukraine” avatar.

But you all, subscribers and supporters, expect nothing less. You keep us going because we resist the siren song of the Beltway liberventionists and their counterparts in the neocon and left-neocon choir.

You want to avoid what’s happening in Ukraine in 2022? Don’t foment coups d’etat in Ukraine in 2004 and 2014. It’s not like Washington denies being behind these coups. You want to end the Russia/Ukraine conflict? Cut off the money and stop telling Ukraine’s president “we got your back.” Because we don’t. All we’ve got is an unprecedented threat of nuclear war. For nothing. Here’s a shocker to MSM consumers: Ukraine is 100 percent irrelevant to the US.

Oh but if we allow Russia to affect change in Ukraine through the use of force, democracy is under threat everywhere! Well tell that to the Libyans, Syrians, Serbians, and hundreds of other countries where the US overthrew democratic governments through subterfuge or force of arms.

So, just as with Iraq and all the other US interventions, Ron Paul has been proven right in opposing involvement in Ukraine and the American people are coming our way.

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