Being Disagreeable

My wife has told me I have become disagreeable. I think she is right. But this would require some explanation for those who know me; because of my natural disposition and a fostered approach to life, I have a personality of zen agreeableness. I am very easy to get along with and I don’t get upset with others. Yet over the last several months I have had several tense discussions with old friends. I even became angry with an old friend of my wife.

My wife says that since my recent retirement I spend too much time following too few websites without being out in the world talking to others. In effect she is accusing me of becoming an ideological cultist. Perhaps a better diagnosis is that I have become a grumpy old man. Again, this may be true but I think it is her who has the narrow sources of information, French MSM. I always challenge her that I am ready to argue the other side of any discussion but she has never taken me up on it.

I don’t think it is only me having disagreeable conversations. One reason important to me is the sense that today the stakes could not be higher on any number of fronts. As is usually the case, I cannot say it better than Edward Curtin.

You can choose any issue of importance and its official explanation is certain to be untrue, obvious or subtle propaganda.  The lies about Ukraine and Russia; Covid-19, lockdowns, and vaccines; China and Taiwan; U.S. forces in Syria and U.S. support for Israeli aggression against Syria and the Palestinians; its support for Saudi Arabia’s ruthless policies and war against Yemen; the economy, central banking, and inflation; the increasing censorship of dissident voices; digital IDs, digital programmable currencies, and social credit systems; the persecution of Julian Assange; the Great Reset; a series of binaries meant to suggest false alternatives, etc.  The list is endless.  All official lies to support a sinking ship captained by psychopathic liars seemingly intent on a world war that will destroy the world.  Melville’s Captain Ahab writ large. Like those traveling on the Titanic, today’s passengers on the flailing American empire’s Good Ship Lollipop are in for a surprise, and it won’t be a sweet trip to a candy shop.

I have the sense that I have not influenced anyone, let alone convinced them of my positions. Upon reflection, further investigation and the test of time on all of these disagreeable disagreements I think I was correct on the facts and the predictive analysis. Nonetheless, in a sense I was wrong, because being disagreeable has been disagreeable to me. So, despite so many wonderful gifts God has bestowed on me, the world is often not a pleasant place to be.

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