Balancing Fear: Covid-19 and Ukraine

There they go again! We have a new web of politics, strategies and fear-porn to shape and control the minds and thoughts of the gullible public. A propaganda forever war against the general populace, waged by our elected leaders and their deep state allies. The purpose of this particular Substack article is to help untangle the fabric of relevant recent Congressional bills, defunding future COVID-19 aid, funding the Ukraine war and the supporting White House and state funded media (MSM) fear-based thought shaping (fear-porn).

The superficial history of the 1.5 trillion spending bill that Congress debated, modified and passed last week included $14 Billion For Ukraine Aid. What is not in the spending bill is the money the White House and Nancy Pelosi wanted for COVID-19 Aid.  Specifically, about $16 billion for COVID relief, which was for tests, vaccines and treatments. That money was stripped from the bill following last-minute disagreements over this provision. The MSM likes to assert that these disagreements were how to fund this provision, many House Republicans apparently assert that it was over vaccine mandates.  The money for COVID-19 has now been put into separate legislation slated for a vote as early as next week. What is interesting is that funding for Ukraine war operations is almost the exact amount removed for COVID funding. That is no coincidence.

During these negotiations, a group of conservative legislators demanded a vote on defunding Biden’s vaccine mandates in exchange for speeding up any government funding legislation.

“We are writing to let you know that we will once again not consent to a time agreement that eases passage of a CR or Omnibus that funds these mandates”. The effort is being led by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah).

“All Senate Republicans have voted to defund the vaccine mandates. This is a GOP conference position. As such, it should be a part of the negotiation for inclusion in any spending bill. As Members of Congress, we must not abdicate our Article I duties in hopes that the judicial branch will rule in favor of the American people, or that if left unaddressed by legislative action the problem before us will somehow dissipate. History will bear record of whether we chose to endure tyranny, or oppose it, in this pivotal moment. We invite you to stand with us and oppose the continued funding of these mandates.”

Signed by these brave Senators:

But the negotiations went farther than just the vaccine mandates.  What the Republicans wanted was an accounting of the vast amounts of COVID-19 relief money already spent. Seems reasonable to me. Follow the money.

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