At Least The Russians Told Us They Have Doomsday Machine

In the 1960s cold war dark comedy, Dr. Strangelove, a rogue general initiates a bombing squad’s raid of Russia in an attempt to start a nuclear war. Obsessed with bodily fluids, this general, barricades himself in at a military base coveting his launch codes. Meanwhile diplomatic efforts are being conducted to avoid all out nuclear war. In an underground base, generals and the president find out that the Russians have a doomsday machine that would respond to a preemptive nuclear strike by the United States. Dr. Strangelove, the aged NAZI scientist working for the Americans, points out the stupidity of having a doomsday machine and not telling anybody. The Russian diplomat mentions that it is unfortunate that the press conference was scheduled for the following week.

After eventually recalling all the bombers, through American ingenuity, one bomber gets through Russian air defenses to hit its target. The esteemed generals and diplomates then begin planning their underground existence. Essential government employees and politicians would populate this underground community. This new community, of course at the suggestion of Dr. Strangelove, would entail a proper ratio of men to women that would afford a high quality of life and the best possible outcome for procreation and repopulating the planet. Ten to one, if I recall…Naturally these women would be attractive and of child bearing age.

Recently, there was an article in Russia Today that addressed the issue of the United States and NATO launching an all out attack and decapitating the Russian government. The article asserts that an old Soviet era system is in place and in the event of a nuclear attack a full scale nuclear response would be automatic.

The perimeter system or ‘dead hand’ system is supposedly to have been updates regularly and is viable today. The article states:

“That exact fear, of a country beheaded, a country denied a chance to respond, a vulnerability leaving no space for reacting, had made the Soviets start considering their options. The ‘if I’m going down, I’m taking everybody with me’ approach was a way of proving that there could not and should not be winners in future world wars. This argument was supposed to make war so meaningless that it would become impossible.”

At first this was reassuring. At least we have mutually assured destruction working in our favor. Then the thought occurred that some bright light in the military intelligence community (I used ‘intelligence’ loosely) would think this was a Russian bluff, or not believe the Russians updated the system, and would think the doomsday system is obsolete. We’ll just leave the possibility of a Russian double bluff off the table for our discussion because that would be just plain nuts. (Total Sarcasm)

The real issue here is that the Russians felt the need to remind NATO and the United States that it has a doomsday machine. This is a reflection of the reckless response the West has had to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the folly of fighting a proxy war there. The corrupt politicians are making fortunes on this war while death and destruction have been prolonged because of the U.S. level of engagement. Russia continues to warn that the likelihood of a nuclear confrontation is increasing. Still, there seems to be no real organized resistance to this dangerous policy promulgated by the Biden administration (whoever that is) in the United States Congress.

The level of danger associated with this policy is evidenced once one considers the possible end game. If the end game is to exhaust Russia in Ukraine and attempt to topple the Russian Putin regime, which was ‘accidently’ stated by fake president Biden, well gee, what could go wrong there. If that goal becomes attainable, Russia and Putin become extremely dangerous. The potential miscalculations as this conflict drags on are too numerous to mention.

To date the conflict has not exactly benefited the United States. A hundred billion dollars or so has been spent, including kickbacks for politicians and contractors. Sanctions allegedly designed to inflict pain on Russia have only assisted inflationary pressures in America, which were already out of control. Supply chains are strained and fuel costs have gone up. It is frightening to think what winning would look like. The impact on European energy costs and supplies has been much greater.

U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor in a recent interview said that Zelensky was ready for NATO neutrality and a peace in March, but was told not to do so by Washington and London. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, to a great extent, is the result of a failure of Russian attempts to talk and issue verbal warnings to stop NATO expansion over the last couple decades, and has finally led to a military response. Since the 1990s NATO expansion has continued with Russian protests on deaf ears. I am paraphrasing, but Colonel Douglas MacGregor has stated in the past that Russia will not lose the war, and can’t lose the war, any more than the United States could lose a proxy war with Russia in Mexico.

It would appear that Russian miscalculations included an assumption that the West would not respond so recklessly and attempt to fight a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. It seems that the West’s miscalculation was that they could fight a proxy war in Ukraine. There is an enormous margin of error for future miscalculations. These miscalculations could lead to nuclear weapons being exchanged. The proper response at the beginning of the conflict, and is still the proper response now, is to deescalate the conflict.

The economic impact of a small nuclear exchange would likely be devastating on a global scale. The environmental impact of course would be equally terrible. Imagine a large scale nuclear exchange. When you look at risk and reward, the escalation of this conflict becomes less and less rational. Imagine if Russia took the Biden regime change speech seriously in the spring. Thankfully our puppet fake president is not taken seriously.

At least in the cold war there was a healthy fear of blowing up the world. I imagine that our globalist technocrats have their underground bunkers in place and already stocked with food, water, and all the creature comforts. Of course, there will be a proper ratio of attractive women to men to repopulate the planet after they, well, depopulate it of course, with a radioactive cloud or two.

The fact that Dr. Strangelove is as relevant today as it was over 50 years ago is disturbing.

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