‘Anti-Semitism’ vs. Free Speech

“Our” House of Representatives recently passed perhaps the most odious piece of legislation in our history. This is quite a feat, considering that, in this millennium alone, they were responsible for the Patriot Act and Banker Bailout monstrosities. This act stamps the imprimatur of Zionist power on Congress, like a scarlet letter.

If you want to know why so many “haters” believe “the Jews” control everything, look at the Antisemitism Awareness Act. Look at how overwhelmingly it passed. It was not a close vote. If someone can explain how a foreign nation holds such power over our elected officials, I’m waiting to hear it. Sure, you had the Alien and Sedition Acts, and the Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR administrations acted as if it was illegal to criticize the government. But as bad as all that was, at least it concerned our nation. It has never been illegal to criticize another country, in any other nation on earth, to my knowledge. Until now. Sure, the Soviets supposedly outlawed “anti-Semitism,” but this is hard to source credibly. This odious congressional legislation is very real.

The act goes well beyond the current state of Israel. It warns against any claims that Israel’s creation was problematic in any sense. More importantly, it references Holocaust “denial,” and condemns it. Thus, America now joins every other country on earth in forbidding any discussion of the particulars of the German concentration camps. And finally, it suggests that statements about the Jews killing Jesus Christ are “anti-Semitic.” I was raised a Catholic. I was very small, but I remember the Latin mass, before Vatican II. I’ve read Father Feeney, and listened to Father Coughlin. This act basically repudiates pre-Vatican II Catholicism. There are Biblical passages about the Jews being responsible for killing Christ. This shouldn’t mean that any Jew today bears any blame. But this act in effect makes parts of the Bible “anti-Semitic.”

I get weary of talking about Jewish control and power. But this legislation is about as clear an indication as you could ask for, that the “anti-Semites” are correct. What other group has ever been protected from criticism by an act of law? Confining it to just Israel, what other nation has ever been exempted from criticism, by a legal act in another country? The pretext for this legislation is the alleged mistreatment of Jewish students on college campuses. To whatever degree this is happening, all reasonable people would certainly condemn it. I support the right of Jews to free speech, free assembly, and everything else guaranteed them under the Bill of Rights. But I don’t support that any more strongly than I support the rights of Palestinian students, or the Nation of Islam, or whatever Eskimos exist in this once great land.

Most conservatives demonstrated that they really don’t support free speech any more than the “Woke” Left does, with their willingness to suppress pro-Palestinian demonstrations on campuses. Their portrayal of them reminded me of the way the establishment dishonestly depicted the January 6 Stop the Steal rally. It seems the Left tolerates free speech, unless you say something “racist,” or “homophobic,” or “transphobic.” I’m pretty sure they also are concerned with “anti-Semitism,” but this would only apply to “White Nationalist” types. In other words, Whites who don’t hate White people. The Right, on the other hand, tolerates free speech, unless you criticize Israel, or say something unpleasant about Jews in general. Actually, both sides can become apoplectic if you criticize any Jew they agree with.

Candace Owens is engaged in a battle royal with Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro. Shapiro’s ethnocentric hysteria on the subject of Israel and “the Jews” in general resulted in Owens leaving his company. Now we find that Shapiro tried to slap a gag order on Owens, after agreeing to debate her on the subject of anti-Semitism. This debate is unlikely to ever transpire, because Shapiro has revealed himself to be as unbalanced as the “wokest” pussy hat wearer. Owens would mop the floor up with him. Especially since her primary contention is that there is no universal definition of “anti-Semitism.” She wants Shapiro to define it. Obviously, neither he nor anyone else can do that, because it’s an emotional, subjective term, like “racist,” or “White Supremacist,” or “terrorist,” or “insurrectionist.”

When they invented the term “politically correct,” in skits on Saturday Night Live, starring the late Phil Hartman, very few objected. After all, once you get the notion of “political correctness” embedded in your culture, you assure that you marginalize discourse even further, by ostracizing “political incorrectness.” When they invented the Orwellian term “hate speech,” very few objected. Hate is a human emotion. We all hate. You can’t criminalize an emotion, and you certainly can’t ethically pick and choose when to invoke it. Some hate is more equal than others. So, since it’s “hate” to question anything about Jews, from the Kosher grift that allows rabbis to be paid for “blessing” food for sale, to Israeli treatment of Palestinians, but not “hate” to disparage Christianity, for example, this legislation was sadly predictable.

“Hate,” in fact, is now most associated with criticism of Jews in the public mind. Why wasn’t it “hate” when the Soviets targeted priests and nuns for genocide following the Bolshevik Revolution? Why weren’t tax-funded “art” projects like “Piss Christ” considered “hate?” Instead, it was “hate” to object to it. Picture a government-funded “artist” creating something called “Piss Talmud,” with a copy of the Talmud, instead of a crucifix, submerged in urine. You know what the response to that would be. It certainly wouldn’t be called “art,” and it certainly wouldn’t be funded by taxpayers. We talk about American exceptionalism, but in reality our culture is fueled by Jewish exceptionalism. The “chosen” people. Their pain and suffering is different, and no mere gentile can hope to compete with it.

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