An All-out War May Have Just Begun in the Middle East

Al Jazeera is reporting (27 October evening) utterly massive and continuous bombardments of the northern Gaza Strip; unlike anything seen so far. They believe a ground offensive has begun.

ALL COMMUNICATIONS WITH GAZA CUT OFF: phones, fax, internet, cellular – all off.

Biden sends “war powers” notification to Congress over Gaza situation (27 October PM).

All communications by cell phone, internet, were blocked or destroyed by Israeli bombing. Gaza is fully cut off from the rest of the world. Mass killing, extermination style may be expected.

Israeli naval vessels have begun shelling the northern tip of the Gaza Strip. This is in ADDITION to ongoing air strikes and artillery shelling.

IDF is set to expand ground operations in Gaza tonight; Israel considers giving up on hostage deal and plans to fully invading Gaza.

WHO, whose mandate is to implement the Covid mRNA killer vaccine, – Great Reset / UN Agenda 2030 — hypocritically laments that they cannot access their staff on the ground in Gaza, therefore are unable to help.

Other UN Organizations with the “intention to help”, – UNICEF et al – make similar statements.

The Rafah border crossing to Egypt is again closed, meaning no water, no food, no fuel, no electricity – in addition to no communication.

A Nuremberg-type tribunal must be set up not only for the criminals behind this genocide, but also for the organizations which execute these orders.

Palestinian Red Crescent says it has lost contact with its operations headquarters in Gaza.

See this.

Sounds like a death knell for Gaza. That is Israel’s intention – full eradication of Gaza of the Gaza population. Wiping Gaza off the map. Possible only because the West is totally supporting Israel.

Yesterday’s (27 October) UN Resolution for a cease fire [one of some 200-300 unheeded UN Resolutions on Israel aggressions against Palestine in the past 70 years, peace negotiations, release of hostages and prisoners, plus Antonio Guterres’s statement a couple of days before — condemning Hamas for the October 7 “surprise” assault, adding that the attack did not happen in isolation, but after 57 years of Israeli oppression — is a full travesty.

The media expressly say that these Resolutions are only symbolic and have no legal meaning – repeatedly drummed into people’s minds, said yesterday on the hour by the hour news, by the fully bought Swiss and most certainly also EU media.

The only half-way worthy declaration by the UNSG in his 6 ½ year career was smashed by Israel – and most of her Western allies – calling on Guterres to resign.

Imagine, where do Western non-leaders, converted into soulless gnats but pretending to rule the world, get their orders, threats and money, much much money, to march the killing?

At the same time, ZeroHedge reports that the US has started attacking Syria and Iraq (Iran proxies) with airstrikes, where Iran-linked militants and installations in eastern Syria are located, the US claims.

The US Secretary of War, Lloyd Austin, stated,

“Today, at President Biden’s direction, U.S. military forces conducted self-defense strikes on two facilities in eastern Syria used by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and affiliated groups.”

The attacks were reportedly carried out by US F-15 and F-16 warplanes, likely operating out of either the Gulf or Mediterranean areas, where new US naval assets have recently been positioned, keeping a watch on fast moving events in Gaza.

Fox News also reports on the Israeli ground incursion into Gaza, with tanks crossing the Gaza border. What the situation looks like on the ground right now, is difficult to say – as communication between Gaza and the outside world is totally shot. From all that, may be expected an Israeli and western supported genocide drive, God forbid, indescribable massacres may take place.

Israel has again warned that the population remaining in Gaza City and the north of the Gaza Strip will be indiscriminately bombed – or rolled over, given the number of tanks moving across the northern border areas.

Gaza inhabitants, including reporters, doctors, and nurses – and the related medical equipment still left — will be slaughtered, and destroyed as there is nowhere to flee. The Rafah border being closed.

See this and this.

The next step in this wanton war escalation, maybe a US attack on Iran – from the US military armada in the Gulf and Mediterranean areas – still being completed. This is what Col. MacGregor fears in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, “WW3 will start in Israel and end up Iran…” See below.

Let us pray that such catastrophe can be stopped before it is too late. Once it breaks loose, nothing is predictable and most likely Russia will get involved, as Russia will not leave Iran defenselessly exposed to US assaults. If that happens, Europe may become for the 3rd time in little over 100 years, part of a word war theatre.

The ruthless, soulless, conscienceless and worst, spineless, cabal-appointed “leaders” in Europe, EU’s Ursula von der Leyen, President of EU Commission, and German Chancellor’s Olaf Scholz, naturally scholars of Klaus Schwab’s WEF, and all their corrupted entourage, would largely be to blame.

Atlantic Council Hosts Von Der Leyen, September 2023

They have it in their power to call Israel and the west off, to call for ceasefire, to call for peace talks – if they cannot, they ought to resign, showing the world their disagreement with the WEF and the Financial-Military-IT-Media-Pharma might behind the WEF.

Large-scale waking-up is the name of the game.

The original source of this article is Global Research.

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