America’s Silent War

Across the United State there is a silent war raging. There are no bullets being fired or bombs exploding. Yet, make no mistake, it is a war. In counties across America battles are being waged for control over Republican Executive Committees.

In every county in every state both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have governing bodies called executive committees. These committees are the base of the state political parties which comprise the national parties. Although, the committees are largely controlled from the top down. Most Republicans and Democrats have never heard of these committees. This of course is by design.

The executive committees are a vehicle for raising money, volunteer base, and coordinating campaigns. In short, they are the building blocks of the ‘machine’. The difference in low profile local primary races often comes down to backing by the local county party.

Ever wonder why you typically support the outsider candidate that often falls short in the primary?

It is likely the difference in backing by the local party.

Ever wonder why the Republicans seem to always lose or not effect real changes when in power?

Remember, they were going to get rid of Obamacare…

It is important to realize that the typical voter does not know about the existence of county executive committees because one of their purposes is to steer the energy of political movements. To blunt the effect and coopt whenever possible. The Republican party is supposed to be controlled opposition. It is supposed to be a sponge that absorbs the psychic energy as it bubbles up. Controlled opposition and coopting the opponent is nothing new. It existed before ancient China and ancient Rome. Even Hitler was a government agent embedded in the fledgling NAZI party. The tactic of controlled opposition and coopting a movement will exist when we are long gone.

In recent years something has changed. A nationwide effort to take back the Republican executive committees has been advocated on Bannon’s War Room and promoted by Steve Stern of FL, along with Dan Shultz and his precinct strategy. Conservatives, libertarians, and those that identify as constitutionalists, and quite simply, those that simply want to retain self government, are waking up to the fact that they need to become precinct committeemen and committeewoman.

Rank and file Republicans are waking up to the fact that it is all a lie. The scam of identity politics and wedge issues isn’t enough. There are a few things that caused this shift. The fake 2020 presidential election is one of them. Although, the shift probably started when President Trump got elected, as Trump himself did not realize he wasn’t actually supposed to govern. The blowback he received when he actually governed, especially when he tilted toward a non interventionist foreign policy at times, or more substantially, when he rejected global governance, was certainly a catalyst.

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