American Massacre

On August 10, 2022, the Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, and the now-Executive Director of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. Kirsch made a number of claims that are well-documented among those of us who follow mRNA vaccine safety issues, but that may have been alarming surprises to a general audience.

Kirsch noted, for instance, that “the FDA and CDC falsely assured us that the approved COVID mRNA vaccines were safe and effective.” This statement is of course completely accurate. The reports by our War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers on abundantly prove that this is correct, as have multiple other distinguished analysts such as Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Paul Alexander. Kirsch noted that “the COVID mRNA vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines created by man [for the general inoculation of the general US public].” He cites 250 deaths from a Sixty Minutes report on the smallpox vaccine, comparing that to the deaths from mRNA vaccine.  Certainly, in regard to the deaths of babies we know is correct, with more babies of mRNA vaccinated mothers having died than have babies of mothers vaccinated with all earlier vaccines, combined. []

Kirsch also invoked the wedding of Wayne Allyn Root, the conservative talk show host and commentator. Root had pointed out that of 200 guests at his wedding eight months earlier, 26 of those had been seriously ill or injured, and seven had died; all of these were vaccinated. Root also had said that among his friends and family who had been at his wedding who were unvaccinated, none to his knowledge had gotten sick or died. See this.

Most controversially, perhaps, though, Kirsch stated that “hundreds of thousands” of people had died from the mRNA injections and that “millions” had suffered injuries related to these injections. Brian Kilmeade, the host, responded, “So you know, we can’t verify those numbers, these are numbers that you have.” See this.

Kirsch was immediately attacked on other platforms, for the last two data points that he asserted regarding injuries and deaths. Media Matters — an organization of which he was an original donor — accused Kirsch of making false statements. But, in fact, the Media Matters content about this is truly weird: there is a headline stating that Kirsch “Lied” — strong language, bound to be picked up by SEO to blacken search results about Kirsch — but there is zero analysis presented, showing that to be the case: Kirsch contacted both founder David Brock by email, as well as the corrections email address, and to date, he reports, he has had no response. He tried to comment on the article itself to say that it was incorrect, but he said that the organization notified him that he was permanently banned from commenting.

(Media Matters, which is supposed to be a watchdog for accuracy, in on the prowl to target critics of mRNA vaccines, it seems, and I would love to see that possible contract. In spite of the fact that David Brock is a formerly friendly acquaintance of mine, Media Matters also, without having contacted me first for comment, made derisive and ultimately misogynist fun of me on Twitter in summer of 2021 for my having accurately described on that platform — indeed, broken the important story of — women’s menstrual problems post-mRNA vaccination. CDC colluded with Twitter in targeting me for this reporting, the America First Legal FOIA now reveals, and I was deplatformed from Twitter soon thereafter. Millions of women suffered subsequently for this public health story having been suppressed — after it was assailed by Media Matters).

Other outlets were shy of either verifying or debunking Kirsch’s claims.

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Here is his article defending his use of these numbers:

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

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I empathize with Kirsch’s ire. He and I both come from, and are now distanced from, the worlds of the privileged, intellectually self-regarding bicoastal Left. It’s surreal to spend decades in those circles as a respected voice, thinking that we all agree on basic post-Enlightenment ideals such as open debate and the critical examination of fact-based evidence, only to find that once you cross that tripwire of asking basic questions about a just-rushed-into-production mRNA vaccine, you go in an instant from having been a thought leader to a nutcase — for doing just exactly what you have done for decades: examining the data.

I appreciate Kirsch’s honey-badger persistence around demanding that his interlocutors either debate — and debunk — his evidence, or else, if they can’t do so, that they must retract their accusations that he is wrong. Those are the rules of gentlemanly and gentlewomanly conduct around the search for truth, that we were all taught in our expensive universities. What has happened to it?

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