America Bombing The Middle East as War Begets Peace…

The Pentagon is high fiving itself for killing 40 people in Iraq and Syria to avenge the death of 3 US soldiers in Jordan…   Without providing any evidence regarding the ‘drone attack’ – they have unequivocally decided that in the words of Hawk Haley, “War begets Peace”.    Because surely after we kill 13 times more in cold blood, destroy an ancient facility, ‘The Citadel al Rahba dating from the 9th century, the Pentagon assumes that there will be no retaliation.  Double Dare Ya!  In addition to killing IRPG forces, America managed to kill many of the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq.

The PMF = tasked with fighting ISIS.   Yet Once Again, the various militias funded and armed during the Syrian War by America including;  al-Nusra, ISIS, The Mujahedin of Iran, and the Free Syrian Army are the enemies of our ‘enemy – Iran – an oxymoronic.   The US/Zion Cartel cannot stop killing the militia’s it creates.  And the world is watching!

And now Iraq has joined the ranks of pissed off in the Middle East while Iran has its finger on the red button for a Hypersonic Missile…  The US hopes to test fly a missile sometime in 2024…  Yet, the US is NOT, repeat NOT escalating the conflicts in the Middle East.   Just ask Saudi Arabia and Qatar who have both declared the exponential rise of their antipathy toward America and Israel.

There are 12 US military bases in Iraq.  Those base soldiers are Biden Handlers fodder for retribution.  Standing Targets.   While the Pentagon congratulates itself on depleting over 100 more US missiles in this factory war created by Israel, US Rep Mike Johnson wants to send more “Money” to Israel.  Will it be diverted to Ukraine?  Or to Biden’s Vault?  Where will it come from?   More loans?   $40 trillion and counting?

The basis for the Iraq and Syria attack was determined to be the fact that the drone was ‘made in Iran’.  While the Pentagon provided no proof of this in any international setting, even if it was true – the implication is that therefore all of Europe, Canada, US, and Australia are like-fodder open for attacks given their supply of weapons to Ukraine.   Intelligence is NOT the Pentagon’s strong suit.

Apparently, Iraq and Syria were not enough – so the Pentagon lobbed bombs on 36 Houthi targets in Yemen while claiming they are NOT done yet.

“Our aim remains to de-escalate tensions and restore stability in the Red Sea but let us reiterate our warning to Houthi leadership: we will not hesitate to continue to defend lives and the free flow of commerce in one of the world’s most critical waterways in the face of continued threats,” said the joint statement by the US and Britain.   But the Houthi’s haven’t killed anyone in the Red Sea –

Continuing its unabated genocide and bombing in Gaza, Israel claims it has nearly accomplished its goal of complete destruction of kindergartens and hospitals, therefore no babies can grow up and send mean tweets that are AntiSemitic…   Netanyahu declares their war will begin to deescalate –  just as the US takes over the PR and promises to escalate their bombings on civilian targets in Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

The US/UK missiles were launched from ships in the Red Sea.  While the Houthis have been actively firing missiles and drones attacking ships going to and coming from Israel, other ships had been struck – with little to no damage and zero deaths.   The US counteroffensive is to annihilate all Houthis from existence.

To further pit the liberal pundits against themselves, Tucker Carlson has flown to Moscow for an interview with Putin.   Perhaps Putin will reveal who is running the White House…  Perhaps he will provide greater knowledge of the UFO status…  Whatever is discussed, it will peel back layers upon layers of lies that have been implemented to create a peasant class of global citizenry.  And like Israel, the PR Campaign will go hypersonic in its AI vault of CIA mass hypnosis as it deflects – Putin will be labeled a terrorist and all Russian citizens will be deported..

Meanwhile the UK has signed a security agreement with Ukraine which delineates Ukraine’s 1991 sovereign territory amid promises to fully fund Ukraine with more military might and weapons than a current NATO without America – under Trump.   Ukraine will basically become NATO.  The UK’s intelligence apparatus, its defense mechanisms, and its money will defer to creating a Ukraine capable of destroying Russia over the next ten years.  Because according to the UK/Ukraine Security Agreement, Russia is ‘organized crime’.

FUNDING:   The UK claims its Spring 2023 budget was based on childcare and growth.  The 2023 budget deficit for the UK was roughly $85 billion euros, borrowing increased from $19 billion to $116 billion and a contraction of public investment was $8.4 billion.   Yet somehow amidst these spiraling economic and financial conditions, the UK will use its $68 billion in defense spending to support – Ukraine.   The UK PM declared that 2024 will be the year of debt reduction, as hiking taxes seems the only means the Brits can afford Ukraine as their new Master.

Only in a world of gross incompetence would a country whose growth is in the hole, whose citizens are dying for lack of heat and food, decide to borrow more money to prop up a corrupted country run by Nazis.   Behold AntiSemitism!   At its extreme – Israel.   Behold the creation of a Nazi nation using taxpayer funds in the name of Israeli Zions.   Behold – a security agreement wherein PEACE is based on the UK determinations that they know will never occur.  BEHOLD – Ukraine is, was, and always has belonged to George Soros since his annexation from Russia in 1991.   Support Ukraine – you support The Cartel and Agenda 2030.

The ENTIRETY of the Western Cartel is now focused on Ukraine – and that Cartel is run by the Mossad and CIA.   The Middle East be damned.   Africa be damned.

Within that self-contained world, more allies will continue to fall away until there is only the EU, Canada, Australia, Israel and the US.  An empire of migrants with guns and no trade except among themselves…  

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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