All Roads Lead To: ‘Ron Paul Was Right’

On this day — August 20 — in 1935, a boychild was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to a German family that owned and operated one of the local dairies. That boy would come to shape the affairs of the world in ways that few people are able to see. Some of that impact is so subtle that even some of his most impassioned supporters miss the extent of that impact as it takes place right in front of them.

On this, Ron Paul’s 87th birthday, I want to speak a phrase that is hard to say too often: “Ron Paul was right.”

If you will allow me the liberty of a few moments to explain why I write that, I will share with you some of the experiences of my life that have repeatedly pointed back to Ron Paul’s ability to understand the times in which we live.

The Founder Of The Tea Party Movement 

There are numerous people who take credit for the founding of the Tea Party movement. Among them Rick Santelli in February 2009, Matt Kibbe in spring 2009, Sarah Palin in autumn 2008.

While these are important voices from those days, they were late to be credited with being a founder.

By December 2007, the Tea Party movement was in full swing and it was 100% due to the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul. I should know because I was one of the organizers of the first Tea Party gathering of the contemporary Tea Party movement. As such, I got to watch Ron Paul’s role in the formation of that movement from 2006 to the present. The role of Ron Paul was so pronounced in the founding of the Tea Party movement that it even cuts a path to the presidency for Donald Trump in 2016.

In 2007, Trevor Lyman, made a website inviting people to “bomb” the Paul campaign with money on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party — December 16, 2007. That we did.

There were also hundreds of “Tea Party” events held that day with hundreds of thousands, of total attendees. One such event was held in Strasbourg, France by a group called Americans in Europe for Ron Paul. It was, chronologically, the first Tea Party event of the contemporary Tea Party era.

From that day, to this very day, there has been a consistent national activist movement that has fought against tyranny.

With that one detail alone, Ron Paul would have changed America with his 2008 campaign: he trained hundreds of thousands of the most die hard conservative and libertarian volunteers and sent them on their way.

Philosophical Inspiration For Bitcoin 

In 2019, I gave a speech at Bitcoin 2019 in San Francisco, that illustrated how Bitcoin emerged from Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign. Every time I read the Bitcoin White Paper, it is clear to me that Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was watching the same debates and Ron Paul speeches that I was in 2007 and 2008.

Ron Paul’s campaign model has been to shake things up, add some philosophy from the greatest minds of all time, teach and encourage people, and let them loose on the world. His campaigns are not designed for the main purpose of wining. They are designed to teach and inspire the future.

Ron Paul 2008 asked, “How do we do money differently?” Bitcoin is the first successful example of Austrian School monetary theory put into practice outside of the reach of government.

Speaking Of Money: The Chant Of The Ron Paul Revolution Goes Mainstream In The GOP

Steve Bannon, one of several people who have been referred to as “Trump’s brain,” has adopted one of the mantras of the Ron Paul campaign and its gritty chant.

In the 2010s, it was common to call for an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank. How milquetoast. It was a watering down of an earlier chant.

Steve Bannon is not saying “Audit the Fed,” he’s taking the Ron Paul tag line and saying “End the Fed,”’as he did at CPAC Dallas several weeks ago.

“We don’t need to audit the Fed, we need to end the Federal Reserve. . . The central bank [must be owned] by the American people, not a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street.”

These are words of a Wall Street alumnus. And he clearly is not looking to play it safe. He is looking to be gritty and to take chances. Steve Bannon wants to wear the mantle of Ron Paul.

Ron Pauls Version Of “America First,” Is Rapidly Becoming America’s Version 

Ron Paul’s 1987 resignation letter from the GOP reads like an excerpt from an America First Donald Trump speech.

“Instead of cutting some of the immeasurable waste in the Department of Defense, it has gotten worse, with the inevitable result that we are less secure today . . . Foreign intervention has exploded. . . Only an end to military welfare for foreign governments plus a curtailment of our unconstitutional commitments abroad will enable us really to defend ourselves and solve our financial problems.”

This isn’t written in 2016, though. It was written in 1987 when Ronald Reagan was still President. Paul was excoriating Reagan for abandoning American values and Republican principles, letting his White House fall into the hands of deep state actors like George H. W. Bush and the big government, anti-conservative movement that would come to be falsely named neo-conservatism. Ron Paul’s 1987 resignation letter sounds like a Donald Trump America first speech and it warns of exactly the catastrophe that Trump’s own White House encountered.

That being the case, if America again sees a Trump White House, the Trump White House would be well-served to make Ron Paul the advisory board chairman of the transition team, responsible for signing off on every singleappointment. Paul is someone who has been observing this and thinking this topic through since 1976, when very few Republican congressmen supported the 1976 candidacy of Ronald Reagan, a candidacy that Ron Paul supported bigly.

The Mises Institute — The Most Important Economic Think Tank In Support Of The Work Ahead 

Ron Paul 2008 and Ron Paul 2012 were more seminars than campaigns. They had purposes that went far beyond winning an election. They were focussed on rebuilding a culture of freedom, a culture from which politics is downstream.

I know of no organization that has received more benefit from the campaign that the Mises Institute, and appropriately so. Misesian Economic thought is central to Paul’s approach to the world and the Mises Institute was the most well-positioned and prepared facility for engaging with the most die hard, would-be students of Misesian economic theory.

This last week, Lew Rockwell announced in a letter entitled, “Murray’s Dream Fulfilled,” that one of the founding dream of the Mises Institute had come true, with the graduating of two students from the Mises Institute with master’s degrees.

To help support the important work of the Mises Institute, please click here.

Ron Paul Battled Both Pro-Life & Pro-Choice Activists On Abortion & His Principled Stance This Summer Became The Law Of The Land 

One day, in the spring of 2008, Ron Paul did me a favor. He made time to talk on the phone and he sent me a copy of a book he had written on abortion. I was a candidate for US House of Representatives at the time and I was running largely on his platform. I took issue with his pro-life stance however.

In August 2022, George W. Bush — who would not attend the March for Life rally his 8 years as President — is politically irrelevant. His father’s political dynasty has been decimated by an adjective appended to his brother’s name: “low energy Jeb.” The neo-cons are politically irrelevant. The Rockefeller Republicans and Romney Republicans, unwilling to talk about any cultural topic that matters, are losing relevancy. And pro-life views are ascendant.

The battle for abortion has been returned to the state legislatures where it belongs, as Paul has long advocated for, rather than federalizing the decision. This put him in conflict with people on both sides of the issue.

That solution Ron Paul offered has, in the last two months, become reality.

That is called leadership.

Ron Paul’s powerful book on this topic, Challenge to Liberty and Abortion and Liberty. Perhaps the Ron Paul Institute has a few copies available for sale to those who contact them or perhaps it will return it to print if there is sufficient demand expressed for such a title.

As a congressional candidate in 2008, this book shocked me, gave me a new view of the abortion topic, and came from a perspective I had never encountered: that of a veteran congressman and obstetrician who practiced both before Roe v. Wade and after. The powerful book and the conversation with Dr. Paul made it impossible for me to ever call myself pro-choice again. If you find yourself uncertain on this topic, I strongly recommend that book.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 — The Ron Paul Revolution & Its Cohorts Finally Vanquished The Last Carrier Of The Neo-Con Battleflag 

Ron Paul’s continued voice in the wilderness post-9/11 put into motion the events of Tuesday night August 16, 2022, a night that will live in infamy. Liz Cheney had become so obsessive with Donald Trump and so dismissive of her voters that she preposterously lost by 40 points as an incumbent. This is one of the worst losses every for a Congressional incumbent in American history.

The tides have turned. The McCain, Bush, and Cheney legacies are in ruins.

Meanwhile, walking right next to the army of Ron Paul Republicans, is none other than America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, once a sweetheart of political insiders and neo-conservatives.

Even Rudy Giuliani Has Become A Ron Paul Republican 

Somewhere Rudy Giuliani went off the rails. He was once a darling of the globalists. His name is now dirt with them.

And of all people, Rudy Giuliani sounds like he is finally taking lessons from the great Kurt Hyde and his disciples.

When Kurt Hyde was writing and giving speeches on Diebold in the early 2000s, Giuliani did not appear to know a thing about the topic.

For speaking ill of the spread of machine voting and the evil of voting companies such as Diebold, Rudy Giuliani would have then also called Ron Paul supporters kooks for such claims. Today he would not.

Giuliani played an important role in late 2020 and early 2021 as he travelled the country lighting brush fires in the name of election integrity. So much of the soil that Giuliani worked in those days had been worked for decades by veterans of the Ron Paul 2008 campaign.

Giuliani even seems to have come around to the idea that perpetual war is not in America’s interest. On numerous fronts he has become a Ron Paul Republican, as the party finds its way back to the party Ron Paul once knew.

What Ron Paul Was Doing On The Eve Of America’s Plunge Into Corona Communism

March 17, 2020, as the world worried, and all manner of excuses were used to usher communism into the United States, that very night Ron Paul’s weekly column came out. It was titled with the truest title I have ever read about Covid then or now: “The Coronavirus Hoax,”

Do you know how hard it was to simply know such a thing on March 17, 2020? Do you know how virtually impossible it was to accurately put your neck on the line with a bold title like that?

Except that is what Ron Paul did and has been able to do for decades. Ergo the title: All Roads Lead To “Ron Paul Was Right”

The Culture Is Becoming More Like Ron Paul 

Tucker Carlson’s recent advice to young viewers during an interview with Daniel Schmidt was practically a synopsis of the life of Ron Paul: seeking adventure and taking risks in the context of achievement, commitment, responsibility, marriage, children, and family.

Carlson’s advice:

“Where you find satisfaction is through achievement and achievement comes through commitment and responsibility…College is ridiculous unless you are moving toward some very specialized degree… get married, choose wisely but don’t overthink it …have more children than you can afford, take a job you’re not qualified for … have some adventure in your life, do something crazy.”

This is a very different definition of “adventure” than the frivolous definition most of the world uses. This is a Ron Paul definition of adventure.

And on this celebration of his 87th year, how blessed we are to be firsthand witnesses of the outcome of that 87 years of doing that which the delusional world calls crazy. There is something contagious about courage like that, courage that says: go out and do what’s right, disregard the insults of the world.

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery 

Donald Trump is in many ways the media savvy version of Ron Paul, with some Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan thrown in. Ron Paul is the intellectual leader of the Republican Party. He has been that for at least a decade, though he is seldom quoted relative to how widely he is read. He is the most important voice on the political right to contend with. His voice is what principled Republicans have long stood for and what Americans have long been about.

Is Trump as intellectually consistent as Paul? Certainly not. It can be painful to listen to Trump think sometimes. Ron Paul is precise. Trump is grandiose. Ron Paul is studied in the most important concepts of government, society, and economics. Trump has some command of grand theory but a strength is his skill gamesmanship. Ron Paul is the back-bench legislature that few bothered to hide their true colors from. Trump was the party donor who everyone wanted money from.

These are two very different men, who really seek out to accomplish some similar goals: to save the dream that was America and to save the beacon of liberty that the world has always needed and so badly needs today.

As time progresses, the dire need of that becomes more evident. As that becomes more evident, the following are all happening: 1.) America is increasingly trending toward the Republicans, 2.) Republicans are increasingly trending toward Trump, 3.) Trump is increasingly trending toward his most principled, gritty advisors, and 4.) those advisors are increasingly trending toward Ron Paul.

Ron Paul 2008 and Ron Paul 2012 gave rise to Trump 2016, and helped pave the way to the current battles America faces.

In this man’s 87th year, America finally looks ready for the Ron Paul revolution. America finally looks ready for what the Contract with American should have been. America finally looks ready for what the Tea Party started out as.

In his 87th year, all roads point to Ron Paul was right. May he have 87 more years of speaking not the words that America wants to hear, but the words America needs to hear.

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