An all American Free Market

WE ARE A MARKETPLACE home for conservatives, christians and pro-liberty populists

We are seeking patriots, conservatives, christians, and pro-america, pro-liberty businesses to join us. people are looking for you. we offer you your own online store in our market that will help them find you.

We believe in freedom

Most people do not want to buy from, or work for, fascist businesses who go way too far when they try to force medical devices and deadly mRna procedures.  We are pro-America populists, we believe in freedom, liberty, and equal opportunity, NOT equity. 
Equity = communism
It is an envious hate that powers the drive to steal from others that which you failed to gain for yourself via hard work and sacrifice. 
YOU didn’t earn that. 

 Neither government nor biz have a right to attempt to illegally force people to accept ANY medical procedure.  The desperate hate filled hysteria is typical tyrannical bs.  This is pure control freak quackery.  If the clot shot “vaccine” worked you wouldn’t need to try to force others.  This is NOT science.  Kung Flu Covid is just a flu (with a 0.26% death rate!) for which there exist other safer treatments. 


who gets foreclosed property

BANKS have been tanking economies for profit since they began.  All wars are bankster wars. 

Belarius President Lukashenko told us the IMF and world bank offered him a billion dollars money to destroy his country with covid tyranny.  Obviously most countries took their money.  Big biz, big drug dealers, banks, and media are in bed with your gov (biz enforced fascism) and on the take from the Banksters, globalist parasites, and Chinese Communist Party.  This is NOT about your health.  We were more free when small business provided 75% of our jobs.  Rackets have taken over.  Support liberty by putting your money where your mouth is.  Small business hires and trains locally.  Every  employee is essential.  We only host small business who attest they are all American Citizen owned, employ only citizens and who source their materials and contractors here to the largest extent possible.   If they cannot find American sources we will advertise that so that Americans can submit offers.
We must foreclose on the banks ability to destroy our liberty, buy our gov, and steal our property.  We must build a real money economy and real exchange by accepting trade in labor and goods.

Small Business Begins Here

christian philosophy of free will

God gave us the right to choose. There is no fate

This is America.  If your workplace has become toxic due to anti-christian, anti-white racism, or political bias we welcome you here.   We don’t believe in the policy of firing and harassing (anyone) christians, conservatives, white people, out of work because of their beliefs.  White people died and gave “affirmative action” aka priority to our jobs to “minorities”.  We don’t deserve this.  It’s time to end all discrimination except based upon merit. 

Many people want to work for, with, & buy from others who respect others rights.  Liberty for all requires mutual tolerance.  These judgments do not belong in the workplace.  Many people don’t want to support companies that actively seek to overthrow christian values.  Christians have stood for everyone’s rights & liberty and have been very tolerant of others.  The free world is built upon the Christian Philosophy of Free Will.  That’s why totalitarians attack us. 
If you don’t support your neighbor’s liberty you will lose your own.  Americans from socialist/communist countries are well aware of this.

support liberty by supporting small business

Small local business enable the development of skills, competition, innovation, redundancy, and growth for the local community.  Small business seeks liberty to succeed.  You cannot be free if you are dependent on an employer, government, monopolies or anyone else.  

Monopolies in TV (propaganda), money, tech, “education”, “medicine”….etc.  No longer need to compete and they treat you like their slave, not their customer.  Buyers want local businesses who support their liberty and local economy, and do not try to force tyrannical communist stupidities on us.  America will not trade freedom for pretend “safety”.

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