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We are a small business marketplace who supports  patriots, conservatives, christians, pro-America, and pro-liberty businesses. 

We’re seeking pro-liberty businesses.  Customers are looking for you.  We offer several ways to help your business gain traction. 

1) We offer you one free listing on our market (no expiration date yet).
2) We invite you to post your stories,
3) we may be hired on commission to sell your product or
4) as a distributor. 
5) You can run your own store on our market.  We offer you your own 25 item store on our market for $10/month + (cheapest) commission and bank fees.  Unlike all the other marketplaces….we do not overburden you with BS or require you to ONLY market with us, and we allow links to your site once verified.

We believe in Liberty

We are pro-America populists.  We believe in freedom, liberty, equal opportunity, and equal justice under the law.
Equity = Communism.  
Communism = universal poverty. 

Capitalism does not exist where unsound money is allowed.  We are not living under capitalism.  Funny money is the gateway to communism.  It is a massive instrument of theft.  A reverse Robin Hood, it steals from the poor to give to the rich.  In America only gold & silver were money before the default that broke the dollar’s gold backing in 1971.  Honest money restrains governments & banks.  

Capitalism allows one to build wealth with hard work and sacrifice.  It honors your right to (property) keep what you earned so that you can invest it in growing your small business.  This is the method that has brought billions out of poverty.  There is NOTHING SELFISH about your right to keep what you have earned.  What’s selfish is expecting others to pay your way without obligation to work to earn for yourself.  People who are allowed to prosper by honest labor do prosper. They are kept humble by the long hard slog it takes to succeed, and they are therefore generous with their assistance to help others do the same.

Most people do not want to buy from, or work for, fascist globalist, anti-nation businesses who go way too far when they try to force medical devices and deadly mRna procedures and teach racism via CRT. 

It is an envious hate that powers the drive to steal from others that which you failed to gain for yourself via hard work and sacrifice. 
YOU didn’t earn that.  (Thou Shalt not Covet) 

 Neither government nor biz have a right to attempt to illegally force people to accept ANY medical procedure.  The desperate hate filled hysteria is typical tyrannical bs.  This is pure control freak quackery.  If the clot shot “vaccine” worked you wouldn’t need to try to force others.  This is NOT science.  Kung Flu Covid is just a flu (with a 0.26% death rate!) for which there exist other safer treatments. 


Who Gets Foreclosed Property

BANKS have been tanking economies for profit since they began.  All wars are bankster wars. 

Belarius President Lukashenko told us the IMF and world bank offered him a billion dollars money to destroy his country with covid tyranny.  Obviously most countries took their money.  Big biz, big drug dealers, banks, and media are in bed with your gov (biz enforced fascism) and on the take from the Banksters, globalist parasites, and Chinese Communist Party.  This is NOT about your health. 

We were more free when small business provided 75% of our jobs.  Rackets have taken over.  Support liberty by putting your money where your mouth is.  Small business hires and trains locally.  Every  employee is essential.  We only host small business who attest they are all American Citizen owned, employ only citizens and who source their materials and contractors here to the largest extent possible.   If they cannot find American sources we will advertise that so that Americans can submit offers.

Money which can be created from thin air and has no intrinsic value is NOT by definition “money”.  If you are forced to use it you are enslaved and you do NOT have a FREE market.  When money is created it reduces the value of all money in existence.  That is direct theft.  The money you EARNED became worth less, and buys less because of this theft.  If you have to accept it then trade it for something of intrinsic value immediately to protect yourself.  Demand honest payment for your labor.

We must foreclose on the banks ability to destroy our liberty, buy our gov, and steal our property.  We must build a real money economy and real exchange by accepting trade in labor and goods.

We were warned by Thomas Jefferson: If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Small Business Begins Here

Christian Philosophy of

Free Will

God gave us the right to choose. There is no fate

This is America.  If your workplace has become toxic due to anti-christian, anti-white racism, political bias, or attempted forced clot shots, we welcome you here.   We don’t believe in the policy of firing and harassing (anyone) christians, conservatives, white people, out of work because of their beliefs.  White christian people died in a civil war to end slavery and gave “affirmative action” aka priority to our jobs to “minorities”.  We don’t deserve this.  It’s time to end all discrimination except based upon merit. 

Many people want to work for, with, & buy from businesses who respect their rights.  Liberty for all requires mutual tolerance.  Christians do not believe there are more than 2 genders and we believe gayness is a sin.  We will never accept pedophilia or sexual grooming of children in our schools, gender confusion to push kids to mutilate and castrate themselves, CRT or racism toward anyone, abortion, or abortion products, or gangster tactics.   We honor our men because they are good men.  Our beliefs also must be tolerated.   It is not a kindness to tolerate the delusion one can change their sex.

 Many people don’t want to support companies that actively seek to overthrow christian values.  Christians have stood for everyone’s rights & liberty and have been very tolerant of others.  Love thy neighbor as thyself are not just words to us.  It’s a truth we try to live. 

The free world is built upon the Christian Philosophy of Free Will.  That’s why totalitarians attack us.  Individual freedom is granted by god and is a foundational principle of our religion.

You don’t have to be a christian or white to understand and appreciate the principles that created and must be enforced to govern the free world.  Many people have broken into our country because they agree.  Obviously those vicious christians didn’t go hunting them down but rather were kind to their neighbor. 

Too many of these illegal invaders do not understand the principles which must be honored to maintain liberty and peace in a free country.  We wish they would make the effort to understand those foundational principles.  When you learn the principles necessary to freedom you can create that foundation anywhere.  Principles in our constitution such as : individual rights, freedom of speech & religion, property rights, and rule of law are essential.  It’s a set of ideals.  We don’t own it and we’re happy to share it.  Communists, criminals and gimme dats are not welcome.  Uncontrolled “immigration” is globalizing and destroying western nations for big biz cheap labor and communist voters.  The American people do not approve.

If you don’t support your neighbor’s liberty you will lose your own.  Americans from socialist/communist countries are well aware of this.

Support Lliberty By Supporting Small Business

Small local business enable the development of skills, competition, innovation, redundancy, and growth for the local community.  Small business seeks liberty to succeed.  You cannot be free if you are dependent on an employer, government, monopolies or anyone else.  

Monopolies in TV (propaganda), money, tech, “education”, “medicine”….etc.  No longer need to compete and they treat you like their slave, not their customer.  Buyers want local businesses who support their liberty and local economy, and do not try to force tyrannical communist stupidities on us.  America will not trade freedom for pretend “safety”.  We will not let communist dividers get us to hate on command our fellows with whom we have lived in peace, affection, mutual respect, and understanding for all our lives.  As one nation, we demand liberty.

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