A Two-State Solution in Palestine-Israel Does Not Challenge the Forces of Imperialism

A two-state solution (that is, having two separate nations) in Palestine-Israel does not challenge the forces of imperialism, but a one-state solution in Palestine-Israel does challenge and threaten the forces of imperialism. The forces of imperialism would include the imperial nations such as the United States, the military-industrial complex, and organizations like NATO and the European Union.    

The United Nations Partition Plan  was proposed in 1947.  “Part I of the plan stipulated that the [British] Mandate would be terminated as soon as possible, and the United Kingdom would withdraw no later than 1 August 1948.  The plan’s detractors considered the proposed plan to be pro-Zionist with 56% of the land allocated to the Jewish state, although the Palestinian Arab population numbered twice the Jewish population.”  

The British mandate ended when the British returned it to the United Nations on May 15, 1948.  In the afternoon of May 14, 1948, the State of Israel was declared in Tel-Aviv. 

But even the fairest two-state solution would not eliminate the bitterness and hatred between Arabs and Jews that developed only after the idea of a Zionist Jewish state was considered in the land of Palestine.  Jews, Arabs, and Christians in Palestine got along just fine under the Ottoman Empire. A one-state solution, however, has the potential of eliminating the bitterness and hatred between Arabs and Jews.     

Only love will create healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation between Arabs and Jews.  Integrating and uniting Christians, Muslims, and Jews into a secular one-state nation is the best solution, and it would be the highest achievement.      

The imperial forces and nations can tolerate a two-state solution, but they absolutely will not tolerate a one-state solution for Palestine-Israel because they don’t want peace and harmony in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. They purposely and permanently want division and discord in the Middle East and throughout the world.  They use a strategy of divide and conquer.  

The imperial forces have the spirit of an Antichrist.  They want to keep controlling the world as they have always controlled the world.  Do you think they are doing a good job?  Are you happy with the way the world is today?  Do you think things are getting better or worse in the world? 

Israeli Zionism gives the imperial powers a base, an ally, for control of the Middle-East, and that’s the problem.         

If Zionism is democratically removed from the State of Israel, and Hamas is democratically removed from Gaza, peace and harmony in the Middle East could actually become a reality, but that would be an enormous threat to the military-industrial complex that makes money from justifying endless wars, that makes money from creating constant conflicts.  The imperial forces are dark and evil forces, if not literal agents of Satan.  

The integration of Jews, Muslims, and Christians into a secular one-state nation would be a win-win situation for everyone, except the war profiteers that desperately need the regional instability created by Zionism to increase their profits and control. Zionism and imperialism need each other.       

Lew Rockwell . com recently published an article of mine entitled “Christians, Muslims, and Jews for a Secular One-State Solution in Palestine-Israel.”  That article provides a lot of hyperlinks that explain many of the terms and concepts described in this article.  

If all the Jews, Muslims, and Christians in a secularized, one-state national government in Palestine-Israel have equal rights, it is very unlikely that they would vote for Zionism or Hamas.  

The imperial nations deeply invested in the Middle East crisis love the current arrangement in which Zionist Israel has control of the Palestinian territories. For the Muslims, Jews, and Christians living in Palestine-Israel, a two-state solution would be better, but a one-state solution would be best.       

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