A Test For Seeing If You Will Give Up Your Guns

A reader wrote a short letter in response to my recently published piece “10 Corona Steps Ahead: This Is Where We Are Going, And Where You Will Follow If You Comply.”  That piece talks about the need to say “No!” in your life to the incremental impositions on your freedom. The piece talks about the necessity of clear boundaries in your life, well-communicated, and vigilantly defended. 


That reader writes: 


A call to arms would happen way before these things happen. At least for me and my 



Growing up in a medical family taught things that made my brothers and me immune to the pandemic non-sense.


Unfortunately, anyone exposed to the educational system over the last 

30-40 years is dead meat.


It is a culling.


Thanks for printing the underlying methods.


—A California Reader 




It never fails, that no matter how people denigrate the State of California as lost or hopeless, it remains the state with the most conservatives in the country, the state with the most libertarians in the country, and the state with the most devout religious folks in the country who know their rights do not come from paper or from man. In the midst of those three groups and several others, around the globe, a very powerful remnant is forming. 


California may very well be the place with the greatest tyranny in the country. And it may also very well be the place with the greatest freedom in the country. 


The battle for the soul of our civilization takes place at these extremes, and their convergence every day in the lives of many Californians. It is impossible to ignore the creeping evil. It is so imposing and in your face. 


Different Californians React Differently 


Some Californians run to another state. 


Some hide in California. 


Others ignore the evil. 


Yet others combat it and walk in their own free existence. 


A Debilitating Red State Luxury


In the red states, there is a prevalent go-along-to-get-alongism unknown quite the same way in California, with its de facto disrespect of authority and its “live and let live” lifestyle that is so pervasive that no matter how much the authorities tout the mandates, you will see the mandates forever disregarded. Never will there be 100% compliance in any corner of California the way there was such obedience of the greatest lies in some red places in 2020 and beyond. 


A man who wakes up to a baptism by fire every morning and makes it back to his bed safely with his values defended is a special man. 


I know some readers of this live in a cabin with land. Others live in a city totally surrounded by people of values. Some live in a suburb where many see eye-to-eye. You may feel like you have different fights to fight in those places, but the fights are, in fact, the same. You just can find yourself more easily lulled into thinking those “blue state fights” and “California problems” do not impact you. 


In the hospitals of Alabama and New Hampshire, in the courthouses of Florida and Idaho, the same evil exists that exist in those places in California. The difference is that every single freedom fighter in California sees the evil, knows it is there, and knows that it is his duty to combat evil for his own self-preservation and for the preservation of his posterity. 


In other places in this vast land we call the United States, I can simply not say the same. 


Train Until The Fundamentals Of Freedom Becoming Second Nature 


There are a thousand reasons that California can be described as the greatest decay man has ever known. In fact, I used to be an avid collector of those reasons that California was terrible. 


To at once be witness to the greatest decay man has ever known, and to hold your values in the midst of it, is such a great feat. 


The football coach, the drill sergeant, the martial arts instructor, all put their disciples through the repetitions because they know such discipline in the basics will become second nature to them. That second-nature discipline in the basics, allows their students to focus, instead, on the details that make one a world-class athlete and world-class warrior. 


It is not a once a year, once a month, or once a week occurrence in California to look evil in the face. It is a many times a day occurrence. 


What You Curse As “Hopeless,” Is The Same Blessing That Helps Others Grow Resolute 


One can see that and call it hopeless. 


Had I not encountered so many people living through it who have grown not battle-weary, but battle-tested, battle-hardened, battle-built, then I might not be able to prove such a witness to what takes place in the midst of that battle. 


You may live in rural Georgia, you may live in suburban Missouri, you may live in urban Tennessee. Come to the left coast, where the real battle is. Move here for the battle. Move to the front lines if you are a warrior. Has anyone ever given you that advice in the last two decades — to move to California? 


Because there is no finer place for a warrior to live and fight than on the frontline. 


Or find the front lines around you and bump heads with it day-after-day-after-day. Do so and you will expand freedom for yourself and the world around you in ways unimagined by the tyrants of 2020 and beyond. 


When The Knock On The Door Comes, It Will Be Too Late 


Wait until the tyrant knocks on your door, and it will be too late. 




Because you probably aren’t as tough as you think you are. 


This reader, though, is in a very different situation than you. 


Telling a tyrant, “No,” is second nature to him. He has been through the repetitions. 


The Hands That Hold The Gun Are More Important Than The Gun 


And he brings up guns in his letter. Many readers bring up guns to me. 


Some readers might even write me showing me photos of his big, massive, swinging rifle, while the photo also reveals a face mask sticking out of his pocket, or a face mask sitting on the shooting platform next to him. 


Guns are important. Guns protect us from tyrants. Guns deter all manner of impositions in life. If we ever get rid of guns, we are going to be in for a whole other mess.


And the truth is, we will probably never see a shooting war on this soil in our lives. 


A shooting war would be a waste of resources for the attacker: there are the obvious resources, but it would also wake people up, get them riled up, and encourage them to act up, which is the exact opposite of what a capable enemy would do in an era like this. 


The enemy wants you calm enough to last another day doing exactly what you are doing, just happy enough to not act out, just busy enough to not give up, and just obedient enough to reliably do what you are told. 


“I will never give up my guns!” you say. 




The Repetitions That Matter Most 


Well, I know you are a master marksman. You really put the repetitions in — you put 200 rounds through that rifle some months. But how much practice are you getting saying, “No!” to authority? How much practice are you getting on the repetitions that really matter?


The California reader who sends this letter, I know what his repetitions look like — about 200 a month. About 200 times a month, evil stares him in the face and he takes authority over it, moves it out of his way, and continues onward with the business he had set out to do. 


A Benefit Of California Life 


My red state readers tell me a different story. They think the nightmare of 2020 has finally come to an end. Nope, the people who think themselves your masters are just getting started with that. That is taking place everywhere. 


And one benefit of California life is that those plans are brazenly being hatched a snowball’s throw from each California reader, in broad daylight. That clarity can be refreshing. 


The plan for the red states this winter, this upcoming flu season, is being hatched in California as we speak, is being tested in places like Alameda County (masked from May, then quietly dropped), throughout the Bay Area (the globally impactful home of Big Tech), and in downtown Los Angeles (a less compliant epicenter than the Bay Area, but culturally impactful). It is being tested in every hospital, courtroom, and school. It is being tested in retirement homes and senior centers, restaurants and grocery stores. 


200 times a month he looks evil in the face. 200 times a month he deals with the evil. 200 times a month he continues about his business undeterred or minorly deterred. 


Do you know what that does to a person?


That makes the basics of the process second nature. It makes the logistics of that conflict a thing which he can handle while staying calm. It hardens a person for bigger and better challenges and victories. It makes all but the most high level details easy to execute by memory and without concern. It hardens a person into a world-class warrior. 


It lets him focus his attention on the things that matter. 


What Many Other “Freedom Fighters” Seem To Be Doing


Everywhere else in the world, instead of 200 repetitions a month, people are busy watching YouTube videos about some retard named Klaus Schwab and fretting about things a million miles away. It might as well be some pervo-psy-op Netflix series that they are watching. 


Fret about the life that is in front of your very face, please. 


A Decidedly Foregone Loss, Turns Into A Powerful Victory 


This past month, Los Angeles tried to implement a repeat of the April 3, 2020, CDC face masks guidance, and a version of the March 17, 2020, initial health mandates. 


So many forces convened to make that impossible. 


No public official will publicly say what happened, but when it came down to it, Barbara Ferrer, the crypt-keeper of Los Angeles, did not have her way. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors would not go along. Lawsuits converged, as did disobedient city councils, to make it untenable to blindly follow the public health sociopathy again. This took place notably, even in the blessedly named, poetically named “city of angels,” one of the most under siege cities on this continent. 


Do you comprehend what a momentous victory that is?


The State Of The Battle & The Importance Of Those 200 Repetitions A Month 


Every week, as I travel up and down the California coast, meeting with warriors at organizing meetings, I hear the most fantastic stories of heroism and bravery. I hear about repetitions — which includes successes and failures. We talk about each. We talk about how to learn and to grow. 200 repetitions some of the warriors get each and every month. 


And I know this much. The tyrant has overplayed his hand. The good guys are winning. The narrative has fallen apart. The lions have begun to understand how to stand up in their lives again. We will not just roll back freedom to a point pre-2020. We will roll back freedoms to a point so free that our grandparents would not even imagine such freedoms would ever be won back. 


200 repetitions. That is what the people here in California get each month. 


You think California is lost? You think California is Sodom and Gomorrah? You think the world would be better if California just fell into the ocean.  


No, Sir. California is the spear tip of the battle. And there are warriors rising to the occasion, standing in the gap. 


California is experiencing the most mighty of cultural and spiritual revivals, and with men like this reader, will continue to experience it. 


It is the rest of you guys I am worried about. 


The Wrong 200 Repetitions 


200 repetitions a month, saying “No” to evil is what these freedom fighters get — while some of you guys are worried about 200 repetitions a month through your rifles and 200 repetitions a month of Klaus Schwab videos. 


The Real Victory Avoids The Blaze Of Glory 


When the man comes and knocks at your door asking for your guns, you may remember this day. You may remember the words I offered you in this piece. You may remember that the moment that knock happens is too late to stand up. You might go out in a blaze of glory and take him with you, leaving both of your families orphaned. 


Or you can do the repetitions that make sure you never get to that place, he never gets to that place, we never get to that place. 


This reader talks about guns in his letter. But he talks about something so much more important. He talks about the health mandates that he stands up to. 


Because he does his 200 repetitions a month, those mandates are never going to come into his life they way they come into his zero-repetitions-a-month neighbor’s life. All that has to be done is ask the neighbor to comply and he complies. 


And my worry for you is that you may be a zero-repetitions-a-month fellow, just like that neighbor of his. 


When they knock on your door, it will be too late to practice saying “No.” 


The Battle Is So Much More Than Just The Literal And The Physical 


The face mask is so much more than a face mask. 


It is an opportunity. 


It is a chance to practice. 


It is a chance to learn the long missing art of conversation and negotiation with a person who you seem to have absolutely nothing in common with, but which you masterfully produce exactly the common interest that gets you both on your way. 


That is one way to tell evil “No!” and there are a hundred others, each of which you grow in through those 200 repetitions, each of which you grow in as you seek out the periphery of your freedom in life and make it a point to bump against it and move it aside, rather than avoiding it. 


California Reporting For Duty 


California is ready for this glorious battle ahead. Every day the army grows. Every day the forces amass. Every day the training takes places. 


As for the rest of you, those living in the other 49, I am just not so sure. 


You are needed in this fight. 


You are needed in this fight, trained up. 


And without those repetitions, you will not be trained up. 


The Ones Who Will Never Give Up Their Guns 


A man who knows his way around guns and does only five dry-fire repetitions a week and 200 confrontations with evil a month is so much more valuable than a man who does a thousand live-rounds through his gun a month and no reps with evil. 


The former will keep his gun through thick and thin. He is a truly formidable opponent to the enemy. The latter, well, I just don’t know. 


But the truth is, the latter fellow, he probably just hasn’t heard the right reason yet to take the jab. He probably hasn’t heard the right reason yet to give up his guns. He probably hasn’t heard the right reason yet to do so much worse. 


If you are not training in such things, you probably will not be ready to stand in compliance with you values when the full weight of society comes upon you demanding you comply with the sickest of evil. Though we are winning, we have likely only seen the very beginning of what that weight of society feels like. 


You can, right now, this very moment, build those skills in battle by coming face-to-face with evil — each day — and negotiating the environment in the way you need to in order to get through the day undeterred. 


Because that is the real inner tool needed of you. 


More Important Than The Very Important Skill Of Marksmanship 


The skill of marksmanship may never come into play in our era or in this war. If you can say “No,” to a face mask and do so every time, while continuing to live a normal life, you can negotiate anything in life. 


The skills to do that are all contained within the example of the face mask. In contrast to marksmanship, the skill of negotiating the psychological and spiritual terrain and navigating it victoriously is being used every single day to win battles in this country. 


It is the battle this era needs you ready for. 


Find The Front Line & Push At The Periphery 


Push at the periphery. No matter where you are on the globe, no matter where you are in life. Get your 200 repetitions in. 


Do not hide on your land. Do not avoid conflict for the sake of avoiding conflict. In every corner of this country, in every space on the globe, there are limits to freedom. Seek those limits out and push against them. In an era like this, my guess is you don’t have to look very far, in fact you have probably been ignoring some of those barriers being built by petty tyrants around you. 


Greedily and joyfully accept the 200 repetitions a month this era offers you. 


Do anything less than that and you are wasting some of the greatest gifts of this era. 



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