A Population on Life Support

If you go out and about these days, you’ll notice how the American people have largely come to represent their crumbling society; bloated, ineffective, and corrupt. I’ve talked a lot about the obesity, which is everywhere. And the tattoos. And the stupendously casual clothing. But beyond that, Americans are physically sick.

My oldest sister is now 86. She has a son older than me. But she’s in fantastic shape, and is unusually bothered by the fact that so many other senior citizens, most younger than her, aren’t. She particularly hates the stooped posture that so many elderly adopt. Like her, I suspect that in most cases, the oldsters aren’t bent over from some particular medical condition. She thinks it’s learned behavior, and that laziness contributes to it. I don’t think that there is any question about Americans having grown lazier as their average weight increased. If you look at any drive-through line at a fast food place, you’ll find more people waiting in cars than there are customers ordering inside. Think of how lazy you have to be, to prefer to wait longer (for “fast” food) than engaging in that arduous fifty foot walk from your parked car.

And now driving to wait in a pickup line is too much, especially for our young adults. So Grub Hub and Uber Eats have become wildly successful. Have your fattening, non-nutritious food delivered to your door. Or even your work place. Gamers can’t be expected to stop when they’re in a groove. You ordered nachos and cheese? As for the oldsters, why cut your own lawn? As Homer Simpson once said, can’t someone else do it? Sure, we have an unlimited supply of illegal immigrants to mow the grass, clean the gutters, or do your landscaping. And they’re in shape, at least for now. Probably don’t participate in regular “wellness” screening, by the looks of it. Sure, they don’t speak English, but they understand the green, while cash is still legal.

The epidemic of chronic illness in this country is mind-boggling. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to his credit, is the first presidential candidate I’ve ever seen talk about it. How many overweight people don’t have diabetes? Type 2. The kind you can “cure” by simply losing a lot of weight. That’s not a real “disease,” and yet our vaunted medical profession loves to diagnose it. So they can dole out insulin, which is a lucrative moneymaker for Big Pharma. My old friend, legendary Chinese gentleman Danny Lieu, used to advise me that one of many Chinese “secrets” was a simple cure for diabetes involving the consumption of boiled chicken with lemon. Most Americans would be loathe to try something that simple, rather than jabbing themselves.

How many times have you heard of someone, who thought he/she was perfectly healthy, having something horrific “discovered” by his/her good doctor during their annual physical? Kind of like how the car repair shop always “finds” something on seemingly smooth running vehicles. Many of us can accept that police officers look for any “moving violation” to meet their monthly quotas. Just as many assume that car mechanics generally do the same thing. They need to make a living, too. But few would entertain the idea that doctors fall into this category as well. They’ve already had a few doctors confess to giving out fake cancer diagnoses. Chemotherapy is very good for business. But the public would shrug and call them rare outliers, like Tim Donaghy confessing to rigging NBA games.

It seems that very few people come back from the doctor’s office having been told they’re actually healthier than they thought they were. One of the most underrated JFK assassination researchers, Doug Weldon, was a very active tennis player, and drove a cool sports car. Then he was hit with a tragic double whammy; cancer and an emergency need for open-heart surgery. Not surprisingly, the medical profession didn’t help him. He died in pretty short order. They harm far more often than heal, no matter what their publicists in the media say. I think of him often. How many others were like him, and only found out they were deathly sick because the doctors said they were? What part does the power of suggestive thinking play here?

The fact that the medical profession uses placebos, and that they often work as well as their “wonder drugs” in tests, should tell us something. I’ve been trying to contact the guy who wrote the book The Placebo Effect for a quite a while, without luck. Maybe he’s dead. After breaking down and going to the doctor. At any rate, when medical “science” fills in the gaps of their extensive lack of knowledge by declaring “we just don’t know,” most people just accept it. It’s actually cited as evidence of their all encompassing brilliance. Think Trump’s 4D chess. They are magical creatures. Like witch doctors and practitioners of voodoo, but with fancy white coats and stethoscopes. And an entire establishment promoting their special virtues.

I’m sure there are good doctors out there. I just haven’t met one. And I worked for the largest healthcare system on the east coast for 44 years. So I saw a lot of them in “action.” I may write a book about my experiences some day, like that book on sports that I keep threatening to write. If you saw the medical profession behind the scenes, like I did, you’d never let them touch you. It’s like going out to dinner at the restaurant where you used to work. And saw them pick the lettuce up off the floor and put it back on the salad bar. You’ve seen the sausage being made. When I was engaged to a nurse as a young man, I learned dark secrets. Like how many patients are found in a state of rigor mortis in the morning, after being “monitored” during the night.

I’ve heard from many people over the years, recounting their own awful experiences with the Medical Industrial Complex. These people have no legal recourse, because the corrupt system protects itself in all areas. They can’t complain to even local media, because the media is a cheerleader for our putrid “healthcare” system. Ask those who’ve tried to get financial compensation when some sterling “professional” left a scalpel inside them (and the nurses used to gossip about this quite a bit- it was very common), or even worse cut off the wrong limb. Few victims of medical incompetence or negligence have ever become rich. And yet the media will often portray doctors in a sympathetic light, forced to pay for medical malpractice insurance. Ridiculous television medical dramas depict them as kind and wise heroes.

So this should all be considered in context when we look at the dismal state of many of the “customers” of the Medical Industrial Complex. In particular, the best “customers.” The ones that inexplicably love their general practitioner, who is so knowledgeable he will farm out “care” to some “specialist” in a given part of the human body. The best “customers” have a cardiologist, too. A gastroenterologist. An oncologist, after they receive their real or fake cancer diagnosis. A urologist. If you’re a woman, or an especially deluded transgender, a gynecologist. A fertility specialist. The list is endless. If you “have” it, we have you covered! And the poor proctologist. While it is assumed some gynecologists pick that field for prurient reasons, even the most loyal ass men would be reluctant to become proctologists.

Besides Asperger’s syndrome and other newly discovered disorders on the “autism spectrum,” we have an epidemic of depressed teenagers and adults. The mental health industry tells us this is from a chemical imbalance in the brain. Nothing to do with the sorry state of the world, and/or the explosion of dysfunction in families. I’m in this category; I feel “blue” all too often. I’ve tried every natural supplement I could, but none of them really work. The search goes on for a natural valium. The Big Pharma meds prescribed for depression all list “suicidal thoughts” as a potential side effect. Lovely. Isn’t that what these magical pills are supposed to prevent? So in addition to being overweight, sick, and unthinking, we have to contend with depression as well.

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