A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation

I had the great honor of being interviewed by Dr. Reiner FuellmichViviane Fischer, and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg during Session 111: “Reconstellation” of the Corona Investigative Committee, whose heroic fact-finding discussions with hundreds of physicians, scientists, and other experts since July 2020 have formed a crucial part of my own education

They asked me to speak on the depopulation agenda explored in my Anatomy of a Philanthropath series. I regret that I overestimated how much I could cram into fifty-odd minutes so was unable to complete my presentation before the next guest arrived in the studio. I let them know I would be publishing my notes here so people can read the information I skipped over and reference the hyperlinked sources.

A Retrospective in Whys

Since the beginning of this manufactured crisis, the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee has been conducting the exploratory work that I would have expected every government and so-called public health organization to have undertaken from the outset.

The fact that this did not occur was one of the first signs that COVID represented a departure from all prior pandemic protocols, but the question I kept asking myself is, Why?

Here are some of the permutations of that question I started asking beginning in early 2020 and continuing through the present-day:


Why are governments, public health agencies, the media, Big Tech, and “experts” stoking fear instead of calmly assessing the data and attempting to dispel panic—like every responsible authority has done for genuine crises in the past?
Why are all of these entities speaking in unison with a single voice as if everyone has been handed the same script?
Why are they covering COVID 24/7 on every available outlet, drumming up the death tallies and case counts and behaving as if it were the only newsworthy story on the planet?
Why are people all suddenly parroting the same phrases like “social distancing,” “New Normal,” “Build Back Better,” and the Orwellian double-think gem “together apart”?
Why does it seem like everyone has suddenly lost their capacities for critical thinking, reasoning, logic, and scientific analysis?
Why are they encouraging discrimination against those who refuse to comply with unscientific and nonsensical guidelines?
Why did they turn the world into an open-air prison?
Why are governments patterning their policies after Biderman’s Chart of Coercion?

Why does it feel like we’re being subjected to a permanent Milgram Obedience–Stanford Prison–Asch Conformity experiment?
Why are Big Tech and Big Media silencing people—especially scientistsphysicians, and other knowledgeable individuals who are most qualified to speak about these matters?
Why are California and the federal government threatening physicians with loss of their licenses for spreading “misinformation,” which happens to be based on scientifically demonstrable evidence and clinical experience?
Why are such extreme measures being taken for a disease with an infinitesimal fatality rate that primarily only affects those who are already likely to die—namely the elderly and those with serious comorbidities?
Why are governments rewriting human rights policies and revising statutes to allow the forced quarantining of healthy individuals?
Why are ordinary, working-class Canadians who are bravely protesting authoritarian policies being vilified by the media and their leaders?
Why are they pushing for International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments that would grant an unelected bureaucrat and accused genocidal war criminal control over the entire world’s public health policy?
Why is the WHO drafting a pandemic accord that would give it the ability to set a “OneHealth” policy for all member states and seize supranational powers in times of declared public health “emergencies”?
Why are Australians and New Zealanders being bullied, abused, arrested, and quarantined like they’re living in a police state?
Why are so many colluders willingly serving as implements of tyranny?
Why aren’t people worried that the ten stages of genocide are unfolding before our eyes?
Why do people think relinquishing their liberties in exchange for “safety” is temporary when it has never been so in the past?
Why are so many people belligerently bamboozled?
Why are values such as independent thought, integrity, ethics, freedom, transparency, and individuality being denigrated while groupthink, obedience, complicity, prejudice, collectivism, fear, rage, and hatred are being promoted?
Why are governments and employers mandating vaccines and pushing for vaxxports when they have been proven both unsafe and ineffective?
Why does it feel like we’re living in a dystopian fairy tale?

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