A Government of Cowards

We have a government of clowns, clunkers, and criminals – and we have a government of cowards.

As the Israeli state commits a full-on Gaza genocide, in “response” to the October 7 terror attack by the thoroughly Mossad-infiltrated Hamas, Secretary of State Blinken tentatively suggests to Bossman Bibi that maybe he could drop “smaller bombs” and have a few hours of break in between hospital-smashing and genocidal geography-clearing.

In other news, 16 of 535, just under 3% of the House and Senate, is appealing to Joe Biden to “not extradite” and “not prosecute” Julian Assange over US DoJ charges of over a decade ago, for which he has been held for the past decade and has suffered ongoing attempts by US and UK state actors to demoralize and destroy him.  3% – not 10%, or 30%, why not all of them?

When did the overwhelming majority of American politicians turn into such cowards, unable to get to the point, unwilling to use the correct words, do the right thing, simultaneously blind to morality and reality, as self-aware as floating diatoms and half as smart?  When did we elect such a steaming pile of Prufrocks to lead our country?

The legal gymkhana playing out over the past three years across four jurisdictions trying to prevent the movement, speech, business, and ability of one of the most popular Presidents run for office again, is, for the rest of the world, proof that America is beyond banana republic, and into pure Idiocracy – specifically in light that every state persecution seems to make Trump more popular.

Blinken, a public figure of extraordinary incompetence, brought his children to the White House Halloween party — an event that certainly piqued Pedo Joe’s interests – dressed up as a little Zelensky and a Ukrainian flag.  The imagery of the White House candy line explains the modern history of US foreign policy in one word – infantilization.  This uniquely lurid and degrading form of neo-colonialism is the main US policy highway, with no conceivable off-ramp.  We are now at the point where the American state shocks and disturbs Americans as much as it does the rest of the world.

The case of Douglass Mackey, arrested and cuffed just after Biden was elected, for the crime of sharing a funny Hillary Clinton meme four years earlier – a meme that he did not create, or edit, but merely shared with his social media friends, is instructive.  Beyond the leg irons, and US Stasi detention without being informed of the reason – the Tucker Carlson interview (linked) explains how the federal law enforcement and courts system works only for the politicians in charge, not the people.  The state’s judicial venue shopping for its government show trials is just icing on the cake.  Mr Mackey has been convicted, and faces a ten year sentence for sharing a meme that I, and maybe you too, shared on social media back in 2016.  The ACLU chose to cheer on this prosecution, in the shaky name of the 14th Amendment, rather than embracing free speech and facts.

The J-6 detainees, likewise abandoned by the ACLU “which heartily opposed the Patriot Act and mass surveillance,” were spied on and manipulated by the feds in advance, and then tracked down via social media, arrested and held, with limited medical care, limited access to attorneys, in literal isolation, prior to their kangaroo court trials, simply for being in DC that day.  Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio was sentenced to 22 years.  He wasn’t even in Washington that day.  What did he do?  The government said that “expressed his support for the rioters online and was in touch with his co-defendants on the ground.”  These peaceful protesters, exactly like the previous summer’s peaceful models of protest in many cities across the country –  minus the weapons, fire, and overturned vehicles – were defined by the state as domestic terrorists, coup runners, insurrectionists.  It’s everything within the state, nothing against the state, nothing outside the state American fascism, full bore, and in full bloom.

Domestic justice is just the other side of our foreign policy – picking and choosing winners and losers, then prosecuting with the full force of US government, to get the state’s way.  No conflict is too trivial to face the wrath of the US state, and no enemy too small, or too innocent, or too defenseless to be reduced to rubble. No war is unwelcome if it can be used to assert state authority.  The more slaughtered children, and destroyed lives, the more cackling arousal emanates from DC and New York.

Tucker Carlson has been interviewing a variety of people who have lived and are trying to survive the lawless unconstitutional life that Americans now lead. We – with our evil government – anticipate with bated breath Tucker’s upcoming interview with Julian Assange, not an American, but an icon of morality standing against the US state power and criminality.

What can we do?  That’s a good question, and so many everywhere are sharing their ideas.

Obviously, more than anything else – the biggest thing we can do for Americans and the rest of the world right now, for peace and prosperity, is as Ron Paul has ceaselessly advocated, to End the Fed. Even the Heritage Foundation agrees, it’s long past time.

How difficult could it be?  The Fed is already teetering on top of a smoldering, stinking pile of bad notes and lousy software – itself led not only by cowards, but incompetent ones.  What better and more natural way to end this anti-people, and inhuman funder of global war, domestic oppression and elitism?

Vivek Ramaswamy has an idea for downsizing the federal bureaucracy by 50% in one act, in the fairest way possible – fire every other employee immediately!  There is nothing wrong with this idea.  Whether the feds actually use social security numbers, or devise a way to preserve the criminal and scummy, who really cares?  Make it so, and repeat annually.  This country would recover in no time at all, and possibly even reaffirm the Constitution as it was envisioned, with a small, limited, and peaceful federal government.

Scott Ritter has a little idea that should be quite doable. “Every Brooklyn-born advocate of Eretz Israel who participated in the robbery, brutalization, and murder of Palestinians while stealing their homes and lands should have their American passports revoked and have warrants issued for their arrest under American jurisdiction.”  Why not?  There’s more here than the DoJ ever requires these days to make a conspiracy case, and these are actual crimes – although theft and murder are crimes for lower courts to prosecute.  We only need one state to step up to the plate here, to get the ball rolling.  Can we find a courageous State’s Attorney anywhere in our country?  The entire country is literally aching for the courts to start dealing with actual crimes against people and property, rather than filling up our prisons with people who tweeted too much, or shared a meme that threw shade on our shady government.

Many of us know, as Jeffrey Tucker writes, that to restore freedom we must become ungovernable.  The curious thing is, as states become decrepit, evil and abusive, becoming ungovernable is inevitable. Right now, the state doesn’t trust any of us, and it hasn’t for a long time.  Oliver Anthony wrote a song about it, and millions of us get it, and are trying to live our lives accordingly.

A book I read nearly 20 years ago called “Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why” explains that those who survive disasters tend to be those who recognize reality soonest, accept the odds, and get busy.  A 2009 book called “The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why” contains similar observations, and many concrete tips. These ten recommendations from “The Unthinkable”are worth looking at.

In a world dominated by murderous states controlled by cowards, we the people want to do “something.” Too often, the “obvious” something is just not going to work – electing new people, somehow improving the bureaucratic and legal framework, by having good people inside keeping things straight. Instead, we might be better off if we start trusting our instincts, pay attention to the danger around us, and get to the frightening and also exhilarating realization that we have a government construct that was built on lies and financial quicksand, and its power is ephemeral.

That’s the reality.  To survive it you have to look around, see the challenge, decide to survive, all the while knowing the odds may not be completely in your favor, all the time.  This interesting new book, by David Rogers Webb, makes a case for another kind of reckoning – is food for thought about what’s coming next – and it’s worth a read.  One thing Webb doesn’t mention (it just happened a month ago) in his thesis of the collateralization of everything is this recent SEC proposed rule regarding the establishment and uses of Natural Asset Companies.

The grasping, gasping weakness of our own government, along with that of many of our “best” allies, tells us their illegitimacy is real, and our doubts are well-founded.  These governments are fundamentally failing – the deep state recognizes this, the elites worry, nerves on edge.  These are the very best circumstances for people everywhere to exert their own agency, be their own bosses, govern their own lives, think for themselves, to be bold in speech and confident in action.

We see repeated, repetitive, compounded government failure to exhibit even the most basic of humanity and ethics, financially and morally broken in the name of war against everyone.  This same institution ridiculously and pathetically encourages “voters” to “contact congressmen so we can get a budget passed.”  Given where many of us are today in terms of waking up to this reality, it is indeed a time for celebration – with its etymology “to throng, frequent, observe and praise.”

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