A Bunch of Powerful Reasons

The 28 minute video below tells the powerful story of Canadian distance-runner Shaun Muldoon, an innocent, previously healthy young victim of the not uncommon, but commonly mis-diagnosed, vaccine-induced autoimmune disorder called “VITT” (Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytyopenia).

The VITT syndrome is known to be caused by AstraZeneca’s Covid -19 vaccine (which vaccine, in Muldoon’s case, was injected 2 weeks before his emergency small bowel resection that was followed by two additional major abdominal surgeries, which has left him to deal with the life-long serious consequences of a “short bowel syndrome”.

The Covid vaccine-caused autoimmune disorder resulted in the formation of antibodies to his own platelets (the phenomenon of “molecular mimicry”) that caused the platelets to clump and thus cause blood clots in the blood vessels leading to his bowel, lung, spleen, and who know what other organs).

The abnormal platelets (now being recognized as a foreign substance to Muldoon’s immune system) clumped excessively and clotted both small and large blood  vessels anywhere in the body – including possibly the circulation to the brain (causing TIA’s [transient ischemic attacks/stroke warnings] and completed strokes; impaired circulation to the heart (angina pectoris, heart attacks, and even cardiac arrest). (Makes one wonder about the real, over-looked cause of Buffalo Bills cornerback, Damar Hamlin’s near-SADS [Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) cardiac arrest episode on Monday Night Football a couple of weeks ago.)

Note that AstraZeneca’s vaccine is not an mRNA gene-altering inoculation (like the Pfizer or Moderna “vaccines”) which is also well-known to cause the circulatory issues noted above.

Please pay attention to this powerful video.

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