9 Falsehoods Everyone Believes

From the Tom Woods Letter:

I thought of these in about ten seconds.

That means there are way, way more than nine.

How many of these can you smash until the pieces are particles of dust?

(1) The financial crisis of 2008 was caused by deregulation.

(2) “States’ rights” are code words for slavery and oppression.

(3) The Constitution’s “general welfare” clause means Congress may pass whatever legislation it thinks will help the country.

(4) The Great Depression was caused by capitalism run amok.

(5) The 19th-century “robber barons” were parasites who gouged consumers.

(6) Secession is unconstitutional.

(7) Capitalism hurts the poor.

(8) Racial disparities in income are caused by discrimination.

(9) World War II got us out of the Great Depression.

Smashing government propaganda is what I specialize in.

Ask yourself: can you really answer all of those?

If not, join me in my Liberty Classroom, and learn in your car.

If so, I’ll bet you know a student who could stand to learn this stuff.

Either way, scoot on over to Liberty Classroom, where I’ve extended our Black Friday blowout — half off our lifetime membership — through the weekend.

The master membership is our best deal — it includes all 400 videos and audio files I made for the Ron Paul Curriculum, as well as every course we create until I drop dead (and I’m in excellent health, by the way). That’s a lot of knowledge.

Just those RPC courses alone cover everything in Western civilization from the Hebrews all the way to the present, minus the leftist propaganda.

But time is running out.

Fill those gaps in what you know. Never lose a debate again:


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