2024: Navigating the Storm

2024 is shaping up to be about Iran and China.   Ukraine is dead.   Israel has extended its bombing campaign to include Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.   All while claiming Iran is the instigator of everything – sort of like a Trump did it mantra.   Israel has been bombing Palestine for 70 years.   Each time, the motive is the same – to displace as many as possible so as to reduce the population – a Bill Gates agenda.  There are now 7 million Palestinian refugees across the globe out of a population of just 14.3 million.  Lebanon alone houses 5 million.

Still, good ole hawk Lindsey Graham, is calling for the US to bomb Iran.   Surely that will solve the problem…   Of course he wanted us to bomb Russia and will probably call for us to bomb China should Taiwan come to the forefront before the US is ready to relinquish control.   Putting all our ducks in a row, the only thing keeping us tied to Taiwan is ‘chips’.    In addition to the Ohio Intel plant that will be the largest chip manufacturer in the world when it comes onboard in 2025, Intel has announced a new plant to be built in – Israel at a cost of $25 billion.   The advent of AI is the main driver.  And obviously, Israel is ready onboard for Intel in the midst of a “WAR”?

Nvidia (Pelosi owned stock) hit a valuation of $1 trillion this week as the chip revolution in AI will drive and reshape silicon valley.  One product of Nvidia dubbed H100 GPU packs 80 billion transistors and sells for $30,000.   Chips are used for storage, cloud computing, games, graphics, crypto mining, computers, electric grids, cars, etc…  Every piece of technology is now completely reliant on ‘chips’.

Taiwan filled the void and will continue to do so until we create our alternative, at which point the US won’t give a fark if China reabsorbs the tiny country off its own shore.   It’s all money.

What would we gain in reigniting a Middle East War with Iran central?   Nothing of value – just more military spending to boost weapon supplies and sales back to the Middle East.   While our dear traitor, Slava Ukraine Kinzinger, justifies the billions of funding for Ukraine by relaying the obvious – the money is actually spent to revitalize US weapons stockpiles while we send Ukraine our broken and obsolete – US Taxpayers actually give money to the government to give to the Military Industrial Complex – so they can build weapons to sell to other countries for a profit.

Taxpayers are thus subsidizing profits for private companies – without gaining from the sales…  A Ponzi scam at its height.   Not much different than the fact that US Taxpayer funds are allocated to Soros NGO’s which pay NO Taxes – so that Soros can bring in illegal immigrants and pay for riots.   Lovely.

When Rand Paul suggests that America needs a flat tax, I have to interject – would I want my accountant to surgically remove my tonsils?   I think NOT!

So, here is my 10 point RESET:    1.   A 40% pay reduction for every member in Congress.   2.   Each Congressional member is allocated 1 aid with a salary pegged to GDP PP.   3.   ALL NGO’s are taxable at a flat rate of 25%.   4.  Reduce number of Federal government agencies to ten.   Establish a fixed budget per agency that can only increase by 3% per year maximum.   5.   Eliminate all national security subset organizations including CSIS, NED, CIA, NSA, etc…   6.   Use the National Guard on a rotation basis to cover our borders and natural disasters.   7.   Return the Military to its core – no bases outside of the US.   Rehab every usable base in the US to meet 3rd level criteria.   8.   Each state shall have one governor and zero senators.   9.   Before troops can be sent to instigate a war anywhere – a vote by The People must be made.   10.   Eliminate all subsidies, all sanctions, and all pensions – everyone is on the same playing field.

When Soros declared that the last two countries that would fall by his hand would be America and Russia.   When the globalization agenda picked up steam and suddenly we lost track of everything.   Soros set about to achieve his Agenda.   He tried.  Diligently so.   But he lost Russia and he is precipitously close to losing the US.  Only due to one miscalculation. Social Media.   His brain didn’t wrap around that particular phenomena and it will cost him the entire Gamut.   And he hasn’t the Power to undo what is known.    His solution?  Pretend it never happened….   Pathetic.

So, that means he is going to double down on America 2024 as a last hurrah to prove he isn’t a complete failure and save his ego before he dies.   The Big Money is looking to the other side already.  Hedging their bets as to who will come out alive.   They could care less about Soros’ ego.

What are the odds?  Who is in favor?   Because, in the end, nothing will change unless everything changes.   It IS A RESET – just not the one envisioned by the Bolsheviks.   A RESET where we keep our money.   And Laissez Faire in ALL regulations – buyer beware – no law suits.  Just figure it out.   It could work.   Just a bit of mental realigning.

It may be that 2024 is a deciding factor in the game after the election for decades to come.   When the Bolsheviks came to the Soviet Union to initiate assassinations and coups, the Russian realm numbered 150 million people in 1917.   At the time of the Revolution there were only 200,000 members of the Bolsheviks who ultimately took control over 150 million.  For 70 years.

There are many positives that could prevail in 2024 if we stay united.   Recognize the ultimate goal and let go of this media enquirer mentality.  

Bottom line:  Trump is the Candidate.  They have yet to reveal their ace card – next Spring they will announce a Biden replacement.   The media will be consumed with the audacity!    And something else will happen behind the scenes – like an errant bomb on Iran.   Blame it on Russia.   Realize the gaff.   Backtrack the gaff.  And soon the bomb is forgotten.

IF Iran reacts, then the spin will put them as the initiator.    Russia will warn them to remain -placid.  They will comply.   US will become infuriated and attempt a False Flag.

Bottom Line – Trump is not on the same plane with every thought process of the MAGAts, we are a society that expects only perfection.   Not even Jesus would pass the perfection test demanded today.   A lion pushed into his Den is a lion ready for battle.   We must be Lions.   A Lions Pride.   Trump is the ONLY leader that can endure the onslaught and still win.   Loyalty is an honor, it is a gift, it should be the solidarity that unites.

Let’s Be That.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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