December 2021

Paid To Hate Putin

It seems that National Review Editor Rich Lowry never tires of carrying water for the sponsors of his magazine, whether it’s the high-tech giants who help pay his gargantuan salary, or his neoconservative donors, whom he also faithfully serves. Most recently he honored his patrons with a dutiful denunciation of Russian President Vladmir Putin entitled “Vladimir Putin Shouldn’t Be a […]

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The New York Times Explains That Mask Wearing Helps To ‘Rewire’ Children

Pro tip: Google and The New York Times have a business arrangement that makes subscription-free reading easier. If you don’t want to prop up this once great newspaper by buying a New York Times subscription, then do this: Whenever you hit a New York Times paywall, you can just copy and paste the URL into a Google

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The Ultimate New Age Religion

We are Satan’s people Knights in Satan’s service –          Thanatorture …the Revolution…has a theological and spiritual foundation, even if its “theology” is an inverted one and its “spirituality Satanic.” Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, by Eugene (Fr. Seraphim) Rose What is at the root of the nihilistic doctrine?  What are its theological

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