15 Minute Cities and the Right To Travel

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The “15-minute cities” that everyone is talking about now is the Great Reset’s trendy new name for open-air prison camps.

The idea is to corral everyone into neighborhoods small enough to walk from one end to the other in 15 minutes; everything you need within a half-mile radius, so that you’ll never, ever have to leave.

The Great Reset is pure Fascism, hiding behind an effeminate, homosexual veneer.

This is perhaps because some people see it as harmless and others are rendered silent, out of fear of being called “Homophobic”.

Or maybe Fascism is just queer (the words “Fascism” and “Faggot” both derive from the Latin term for a bundle of sticks).

There is nothing harmless about the Great Reset. The perpetrators of this outrageous plan are marketing it with a gentle tone, telling you that you will eat healthy, stay active, get around and enjoy the outdoors, in your tiny little open-air prison camp.

These organizations are telling you that there isn’t enough room for you, because you are the reason that Mother Earth is “sick”.

This is the subtext convincing people to not have children and persuading them to castrate the ones they have.

Comfortable lies for the fearful.

And those with the courage to see the truth can see that this is just an accounting issue: We the People are seen as livestock; looked down upon as “useless eaters” by godless psychopaths who want a more manageable herd to exploit for their own selfish desires; who want us to “own nothing and be happy” – and “eat ze bugs”.

This plan was officially announced in 2015 and made actionable in 2017, with the goal of accomplishing most of it by 2030.

Paris is being celebrated for leading the charge on the trendy new 15-minute city prison camps. But they are not alone. Melbourne, Australia is building theirs.

And in America, New York City, Los Angeles and Cleveland are doing the same.

The right to travel is not in the Bill of Rights.

In the past, the courts have ruled that this presumed right is firmly established in US Law.

But things have changed. Today, we are at risk of losing it all and if we don’t stand up for our own freedom, then who will?

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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