An all american small business market

small businesses for liberty

We specialize in providing affordable, easy to use online stores and advertising to small business. 
We DO NOT require sellers sell ONLY through us as most other platforms do.
Grand Opening Hoped for by July 15th

Treat others as you wish to be treated


Support jobs in your community.  Big business monopolies are extremely destructive of liberty.  Choose small business which requires liberty to succeed.  


Small business is the basis for liberty because it is how upward mobility is achieved.  Without liberty & property rights one cannot learn, save and invest in order to grow their way into the middle class. 

If you are not economically independent, you not free.

Trade freely

Stagflation is a term to describe inflation in prices of goods and reduction in wages at the same time.  A recipe for impoverishment.  We encourage alternative forms of trade that help people retain the value of their labor.

Drive to survive


To retain our freedom & opportunity we stand together to support each other's rights to life, liberty, property, and the fruits of our labor We will not be divided to be culled.

Reject the false paradigm

Americans want to buy from business who support liberty

Challenge destructive communist monopolies

Our businesses will not be a tool for authoritarian government to use to enforce unconstitutional edicts.

Currently we have monopolies in money, education, grocery, retail, media, tech, medicine and rackets in many other areas.  

These monopolies have been tools of oppression and influenced our government and limited our choices.  They are the enemy of a free people and a free market.

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